You Are Perfectly Free To Experience Ghosts

You Are Perfectly Free To Experience Ghosts

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The Adept Spiritual Master communicates the entire Way of the psyche, the Way of Life in Truth, and the right disposition toward all of the phenomena of experience. Therefore, he must criticize all of the forms of exclusive acculturation, all of the less than absolute religions and persuasions. 

You may hear me criticize all kinds of religious and psychic and mystical approaches to the Divine Reality, but I will not deny what is useful in them. I criticize the exclusiveness in every point-of-view and the limitation of experience and understanding that is evident in each kind of approach.

Just so, I also constantly criticize the social and cultural conventions of ordinary worldly life, not because people enjoy themselves–true enjoyment is necessary and positive–but because there is no psyche in the dull and repetitive enjoyments of the usual man. There is no heart, no Truth, no Life in the popular design of our subhumanity.
The whole world is obsessed with the anathematization of the psyche, and to the degree that people become involved in the deep psychic life at all, they are involved in some little compartment of it, some creepy, petty, fascinated aspect of it that is not God-Realizing. 
I communicate the disposition of the heart in absolute terms, the Way of Life that involves the psychic or heartfelt relationship to everything. I communicate the Way of sacrifice, via the heart, or the psyche, to the Radiant Absolute Living Reality. 

In the process of this Way, through your awakening to the psyche, 

you will likely become fully aware of uncommon phenomena 

that are not discussed on television 

or admitted by the intellectual elite who presume to determine 

what we may know and not know. 

You are inherently and perfectly free to experience everything from ghosts and spirit forces to the most sublime visions and absorptions in the Great Light that shines above Nature and the body-mind. 
And you are also inherently obliged to transcend all experience through heartfelt understanding and the feeling sacrifice of the whole body-mind into the All-Pervading and Radiant Transcendental Consciousness that is the Seat of the world.
Just as scientific inquiry must be free, so also must psychic or religious inquiry be free of all kinds of nonsense and suppression. As it exists in the common world today, religion is largely comprised of accretions of nonsense, the archaic ideas and presumptions of very ordinary people.
True religion can only be founded on the direct communication of Realized individuals, or Adepts, whose voices must be heard and honored in the world. People must begin to engage in truly religious forms of activity, a truly religious Way of Life. 
Likewise, science, or free intellectual inquiry, must also be permitted its freedom, its special function in the world. Nevertheless, the motive of science and its social influence in general must be purified of anti-psychic dogmatism. 
If the voice of science is not thus purified, it will more and more represent an evil influence in the world, an influence that seeks to dominate, suppress, and destroy the psychic potential and the psychic need of Man.

His Divine Presence,
Beloved Bhagavan,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

©2010 ASA

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