Can You Be Content So Trapped and Confined?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It seems remarkable to Me that human beings can be feeling so uncomfortable fundamentally in their depth, so uncomfortable about being physically alive that they are so willing to devote themselves entirely to just being an organism, knowing its mortality, its limitations, and all the rest. It’s remarkable.
It must be being heavily propagandized by something or other that you would make that choice given an option, given the eternal option. But if you’re deprived of the knowledge of it, the knowledge of this Revelation and this practice, you won’t know any better.
So the Revelation had to be made. But that’s been done, and now you have to do the practice. And the practice is not at all about being content or driven to merely fulfill the body. It’s about ego-transcendence, and therefore it’s about transcendence of everything.
Being aware of the real nature of the body is like being aware of the self-contraction. It’s itself a terrible knot, in itself a horrific condition. That’s why people find all kinds of ways to desensitize themselves to it, forget about it, or be relieved of some kind of stress all the time, because you do know the nature of the body, and you are afraid of it.
You feel trapped in it. 
You don’t know that there is a way to be free. 

But having found out about that from Me, you have to practice and actually Realize what there is to be Realized. Otherwise, you’re always consenting to be the organism, consenting to be its fate, its possibilities in every moment, not a lot different from poor little beings in the forest who are prey to a lot of others.
The machine is so vulnerable, and ultimately mortal, how can one be content with it? 
How can one be willing to live an ordinary life? 

Well of course you all made those choices, but it was not even a remote possibility for Me. I’ve always been My Self in this conjunction. I had to endure the conjunction in order to conform it to My Self.
So My Disposition has never been one to come and fulfill karma, to fulfill the motivation to be the body. To Me that is in itself horrific. So confined that way, I couldn’t live an ordinary life. I had to persist in that most profound consideration of the “Bright” in this conjunction.
Now you all chose, generally speaking, the ordinary course, instead of living impulsed to Realize Me, go beyond this knot, this mortality. But you needn’t make that choice anymore. You can reverse the course entirely. And then your life becomes all about transcending this condition you’re attached to, but which you’re afraid of, and for good reason.
You don’t have to live on that basis. You have My Revelation, even in your experience, not merely in concepts. Knowing that and knowing that Way, how could you be content with the pursuit of mere organism?
Your disposition should be in the direction of Samadhi, not indulging in the body. 
Why would you want to persist in being identified with something that dies? 

Especially knowing the option and knowing that it’s not necessary, and that it can be transcended. So even though you functioned in the body from that point, you would transform your life altogether, unwilling to be merely mortal and afraid, unwilling to be committed to un-Happiness, non-Happiness.
It’s not a matter of leaving the body. 
It’s a matter of transcending the body, reorienting the body-mind altogether. 

The Native State is to be Perfectly Radiant and not afraid. You know? Even getting a taste of it, why would you choose otherwise? But there is a lot of propaganda in the world that would tell you to do otherwise, so you have to exercise your discrimination and really consider these matters.
Then when you get “be-merely-the-productive-social-personality” signals and nothing else, you’ll have the strength to transcend it and the humor also to relate to it. And you’ll change your own life, so you’re not merely a social personality, by living profoundly.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Spoken to us all in 1996
© 2011 ASA

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