He Freely Roams For You

If you can’t feel Him yet,
you can certainly see Him afoot,


Dwell in His Love.

And there’s no time to act out anyone’s watered-down version of it all.


in Adidam

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अादि द समराज

Top 10 of 22 countries 
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(#21 is Egypt, #22 is Ireland) 

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Jaya Avatara Adi Da

No Difference, Only Ocean


It’s All About the Samadhi

It’s All About the Samadhi
Your entire life must be devoted to that.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: You people are indulging yourselves in my Company. You are coming to lectures. You are being amused. To practice is to suffer, and not egoic suffering but the suffering associated with the transcendence of egoity. Therefore, we do not call it suffering. 
We call it tapas. We call it the ordeal of practice. We call it renunciation. We call it discipline. It is necessary! That’s it. That is the substance of change! That is the alchemy of change. That is the fire on the pot. Everything must be thrown into it. 
Suffer the heat of this sadhana every day. That’s it. Not the heat you think you are suffering because you are failing, but the heat of succeeding, the heat of actually doing it. That’s it! 
God is not a tit or a genital hanging down out of the top of the universe. 
God is That which is Realized only through transcending yourself. 
God is the Principle of existence itself, realizable only when you uncover and release what you superimpose on existence itself. Reality is the principle of sadhana. To be submitted utterly to reality without superimposing anything on it–that is sadhana. To function in reality without superimposing anything on it is the great tapas, a great ordeal. 
Doing that, you don’t have any time for any silly household nonsense, any silly emotional-sexual nonsense, any lack of discipline, any vagueness, any conventionalities. You don’t have any time for any of that. You can’t afford it. It is not it! 
You eschew it. You renounce it. You throw it away. You do something else, and consistently. That is the kind of person who should be in Hermitage. That is the kind of person who should be practicing this Way. That is what the Way of the Heart is about. 
Sadhana hurts. It sublimes you. It intensifies and deepens meditation. It moves you into a greater sphere before you indulge in reactivity, before you indulge in self-contraction, before you indulge in the body-mind, before you indulge in conditional identification. 
There is a Supreme Place of Being Itself. That is Where you locate yourself, 
 through sadhana, through discipline, through heat, through ordeal. 

Therefore, it is all for meditation. It is all for Samadhi, and not for life-fulfillment, not for personality changes. It is for Samadhi, the Sublimest of all realizations, the unique State, the Absolute! God! Truth! Your entire life must be devoted to that Absolute. 
Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

© 2011 ASA


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