Esoteric Anatomy Is Real

esoteric anatomy 

One of the unique aspects of Adi Da’s Revelation of the Way of Adidam is His complete description of the esoteric anatomy of the Spiritual process. Just as the human body has a gross anatomy (of bones, flesh, nerves, and so on), there is also an esoteric anatomy. 
Understanding this esoteric anatomy is a key to understanding what makes the Way of Adidam uniquely complete, and why the Divine Enlightenment that Adi Da offers is an unprecedented Gift. 

In Adi Da’s Revelation, human esoteric anatomy has three structures: 

1. The Circle of Conductivity is a pathway through the body composed of two arcs: the descending arc (or “frontal line”), starting at the crown of the head and going downwards to the perineum, and the ascending arc (or “spinal line”), starting at the perineum and going upwards to the crown of the head. The Circle is the primary energy–pathway in the body, through which both the natural energy of life and the Divine Spirit–Energy flow. 
2. The Three Stations of the Heart — The “left side” corresponds to the physical heart and the gross dimension of the being. The “middle station” corresponds to the “heart chakra” and the subtle dimension of the being. The “right side” is the “seat” of the causal dimension (or root–dimension) of the being. 
3. Atma Nadi (or Amrita Nadi) is a radiant energy structure, the “Bright” Itself as It Manifests in the context of the human body–mind. Amrita Nadi is shaped like the letter “S”, extending from the right side of the heart (as its “lower terminal”) through the chest, throat, and head, and then to the Source–Matrix of Divine Light infinitely above (as its “upper terminal”). 
from the Adi Da Up-Close glossary 


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