How We Can Actually Help the Dead

How We Can Actually Help the Dead
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Just as the recently dead can be helped by their friends, reminding them of what is going on when the physical body is dead, so also those recently dead who are locked into the etheric and who are what might be called “ghosts” can be helped. 
Those individuals may not be present in the physical plane all the time. They may pass into unconsciousness and then return again. They may go into some field of subjective revery, and it is in that plane that they experience what could be called “hells” and difficulties and strange frustrations, like strange dreams. 
Then they may again return to association with the physical plane while they are yet in the etheric body, invisible to most others but perhaps even experienced there.
Some of you may have had experiences with such individuals, perhaps people you knew and whom you experienced in this way shortly after their death. I have had contact with many such individuals. They can be released by associating with them very much as you would associate with someone who is alive right now. 
You must help them be aware of their actual situation, because they think they are still physically alive. They have not quite figured out their situation. It is a problem to them. They are not in a normal state. They are emotionally shocked and agitated, strangely attached to people and places.
The one major thing that is going on with them is that they are not aware they have died. They think they are alive, and yet something about their situation does not quite make sense to them. 
They cannot get people to respond to them, and the people who are in the rooms that used to belong to them act as if they are not there. Yet they move around and they do things like everybody else. They could sit and watch TV with you at night. They could hang out in your rooms, watch you have sex, even try to have sex with you.
The one thing you can do to help them is to make them aware that they are dead, explain what has actually happened to them, and describe the next step of their relinquishing, relaxing, letting go, moving on. Such direct address to these individuals, if you have some perception of them, can be useful to them.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Spoken to us all on July 3rd, 1987
“Love’s Sacrifice and the Ordeal to Become Human: 30 Years with Adi Da”

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