Goddess Gemini Doesn’t Give a Shit About Egos

Goddess Gemini Doesn’t Give a Shit About Egos 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: You are “Narcissus”. You project all kinds of things onto klik-klak (the conditional domain) to make it desirable to you, and thereby fail to notice all kinds of things about klik-klak. 
You superimpose all kinds of illusions on klik-klak, and so I have to Remind you, in various ways, through “consideration”, but also sometimes through representations in a sacred setting. This Temple of Laughing Mama (life of duality, conditional world) is a means for Me to remind you of something very fundamental which you forget in your “Narcissistic” superimposition of the heart-presumption onto conditions. 
You think klik-klak loves you somehow, or you expect it to love you, or care about you, or care about anything. You like the notion of the parent deity. You like the notion that that’s what Reality is–that it is sort of built in, everything that is associated with the disposition about caring for you (that “you” you presume yourself to be, the body-mind person, the ego). 
Whereas, as I keep putting to you, the conditional domain, klik-klak, does not care in the slightest about ego. There is no real ego. Klik-klak just deals with the pattern. The ego is not an entity. It is just an action in the pattern, and from that pattern’s point of view, it is just more pattern. 
It is not something to be allowed to be enshrined in permanence, just because you ultimately Are That Which is Permanent, but you are superimposing your sense of it, and seeking a monument of it, in klik-klak. 
Well, that’s not klik-klak’s business. It doesn’t care about that concern of yours. You don’t belong there anyway. You are from Consciousness-land. This is klik-klak-land. Klik-klak-land doesn’t care about the illusions of those who wander from Consciousness-land, because all klik-klak deals with is the material of klik-klak.

Consciousness is not the material of klik-klak. 
Your illusion about klik-klak is not material in klik-klak. 
That’s your concern. 

So you can’t expect klik-klak, or the endless pattern patterning, to be concerned about you and your illusions, or your notions of permanence. Klik-klak has no notion of permanence, has no permanence in itself-whatsoever. 

So your desire to be loved, to be permanent, to have your desires satisfied and so forth-that’s your interest. Klik-klak doesn’t give a shit about egos. You have no complaints. Hm? Your complaints are of no interest. They are not registered in the pattern. It keeps klik-klakking regardless of your pleas and your complaints. And, this is why that is the fundamental language indicated in the Laughing Mama Temple, the secret of klik-klak is: 
DEVOTEE: The Laughing Mama says: “Your objections to any thing don’t mean shit.” 

Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

Does same apply for HIS Agency? 
Objections DON’T mean shit? 
Mountain of evidence? 
©2011 ASA 

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