The Urgency of Truth

Do You ?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The world is a present field of death and unlove. But these events are not necessary to it. They are the secondary caused effects of life in error, apart from understanding and the living force of the Heart. 
When men have lived as the Heart and sent Its power into the form of life long enough to reduce and dissolve the destructive karmas of traditional existence, then the world will be a present field of love and vast longevities mindless of death. This is the truth and the creative necessity born of the truth. 
I live in the world with a nearly unbearable sense of pathos and sudden sorrows that come upon the Heart at times. By remaining as understanding even under these conditions, my moods in life, I continually break the chain of sorrow and its cause, and the Heart space opens like a zero of form. Then I see, there is no death, no threat. I see the eventual victory of man, who is the Heart’s work. 
Therefore, I insist, and I would take men by the throat, to smash their ancient minds of death, dilemma and no love. My body is dying around me, and I cannot remain in my present form forever. The work of the world transformation is long, and it will be long before we’ve made a condition free of untimely’ death and haunting decay. This being so, I come with urges to begin it, and I suffer the urgency of truth. 

Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

© 2011 ASA

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