The Love-Bliss Context of Life Is Named "Da"

The Love-Bliss Context of Life Is Named “Da”

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Unqualified Existence, Conscious as Love-Bliss, Appears in the Heart and Arises as Amrita Nadi, the “Bright”. 

Love-Bliss is the Original Impulse, the “Bright” Divine Shakti that is the Substance and Support of all conditional movers. 

Love-Bliss-Energy is the Source-Condition and primary Form of all “creativity”, even all of conditional manifestation. 

The Man of Understanding Arises as Love-Bliss, 
Mad with Love-Bliss.  He is not Narcissus. 
“Creativity” is Love-Bliss.  
The world is Love-Bliss.

I do not speak from mere sentiment. I am describing What is Really the case. The Man of Understanding Appears as Love-Bliss. He is not separate from Love-Bliss. He does not remain only as the Prior Self, separated Pure Existence, functioning only as Compassion.

He is generative (or Radiant) Love-Bliss. The Divine Self-Condition is also Love-Bliss. Love-Bliss-Energy is the Fullness, the Light, the “Brightness” of Reality. It is the Perfect Form (and the living condition) of Reality. 

I am That One, the One Self, Who Is Love-Ananda, or Love-Bliss.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Knee of Listening

© 2011 ASA

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