Beyond the Three States

Ultimate Awakeness Is In the Likeness of Deep Sleep

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Deep sleep is in the likeness of Divine Self-Realization. It is not itself Divine Self Realization, but it is in its likeness, because it is to stand in the attention-position, the causal position, without objects. And so, even in the disposition of separateness, since there are no objects there is a kind of immersion in the Bliss of the Domain that is even prior too attention. And every day you acknowledge that that state is the best. Ultimately, you would rather sleep than dream or wake. Merely to sleep is not enough, but it is in the likeness of what is enough. 

And you acknowledge every day, having slept, that the principal motive in your heart disposition is to be in the Perfectly Subjective Position of Love-Bliss, without any objects whatsoever. You do not require separateness. You do not require objects. What you require is the undifferentiated Happiness of essential Bliss. And in that, you do not feel deprived of the objects that are absent. And you do not want them.

Someone sleeping well doesn’t want to wake up, doesn’t want to dream. Already having come to the waking state or the dreaming state, you cling to it as if you would not have it come to an end. But then you pass spontaneously into sleep and do not regret any loss of objects at all. 

And so it is in the Enlightened Condition. 
There are no regrets for the absence of objects. 
There are no visions in that profundity. There is no loss in it.
 It is complete and whole. 

You acknowledge this great disposition, as if you are all philosophers every day–simply because you slept. And then you were content. And then you dreamed and were seeking and disturbed. And then you woke up, and were clinging, and feared death again.

Divine Self-Realization is a kind of Infinite Sleep, Objectless, all Bliss, never to wake again, never to dream again, never to suffer again. But it is not to be unconscious. It is to be Infinitely Conscious, without the slightest differentiation. You are deprived of that Absoluteness even in sleep. But sleep is your pre-vision of it. In some sense, then, it is the fundamental position of your life. But you are troubled by waking and dreaming, thinking and suffering. Wouldn’t you rather sleep? The Infinite Sleep of Divine Love-Bliss? There is no vision there. No objects there. 

I Am there only As That, without the slightest “difference”. That is Consciousness Itself–not the consciousness you presume in the waking state or the dreaming state. That is a trouble. True Consciousness is beyond objects and without want, and without separateness. It is Nirvikalpa Samadhi Absolute, without conditions, without supports, without separate self, without world. In the waking or dreaming states, you might suggest you do not want that which would deprive you of your objects. But in sleep, you know, you intuit something of the Truth of what Happiness is really all about.

Ultimate Awakeness, then, is a kind of sleeping, 
even if appearing to be awake, even if appearing to be dreaming. 

It is to be asleep. It is to be free of the imposition and implication of objects, of mere appearances. Sleep is the foundation of life, then, the root of all refreshment. It is the ground of waking and dreaming. It is that to which you would return every day. 

And it contains a secret, the secret of Ultimate Happiness and Freedom. And there is no separateness in it. No faculty to see or hear or move. But it is not an emptiness. It is Infinite Fullness without qualification. It is the Divine Self-Condition, in and of Itself, Vanishing all, Outshining all, Transcending all, utterly without need, without a separate center, without any bounds, without any desire, without any karma, without any movement or mechanics to make another event, a conditional event, an appearance, an object.

And yet, remarkably, you fear death. You might as well fear sleep. When you are agitated and under stress in the body, you may even fear sleep because it suggests to you the loss of body-consciousness. Well that is all that death suggests. It is a loss of body-consciousness. And yet you run to the loss of body-consciousness daily-like going to sleep. Why fear death then?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

© 2011 ASA

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