Problem Consciousness

There’s No Advantage In Any Kind of Experience

ADI DA SAMRAJ: No dilemma. There is no dilemma. There is only the sensation,the appearance,the assumption of dilemma. We are never at any moment In the dilemma we fear ourselves to be. There is no separation, no radical dilemma. There is no dilemma.

There is nothing about the present that is not truth. All of this is not a dilemma from the beginning. It is simply reality.  It couldn’t be more obvious. There is no dilemma. There is one reality, without differentiation. It is full. It is blissful.

There is no danger, and there is no curse. There is no prior guilt, no praise, no blame. There is only enjoyment. Truly. There isn’t this crazy asylum. There is only enjoyment. Everything is a form of bliss. Consciousness is just a ride. There is no dilemma. There is no real contraction.  There is only the enjoyment that is truth, what is always already the case. 

There is no dilemma. There is no one superior to the other, no problem, no jealousy, no distinction.  There is only enjoyment. Reality is no-seeking, no dilemma, real knowledge, real meditation and real consciousness. Real existence Is apart from every kind of seeking. It is from the beginning radically free of any goal of liberation or salvation. It is unqualifiedly free, present, active, creative and alive.

There is no dilemma and no search. There is enjoyment and the creative play of existence in perfect, unqualified certainty. When there is no seeking, no contradiction, there is only unqualified knowledge and power. That is reality. Reality is fullness, no dilemma, silence and brightness or creative force. It is always there.

This is the greatness of truth, of understanding, for it disarms all fear, all circumstance, all dilemma. It is always already the case. Grace is eternally generated. There is only God and there is no complication, no limitation, no suffering, no destiny, even in the midst of limitations, destinies, worlds, appearances, births and deaths.

Everything is moving together as a single design with a single intent. Nothing happens to you that is not appropriate. All events serve truth from the beginning, presently, not merely at the end. Life is already founded in the form of reality. Life or the world is being manifested in this moment. It was not manifested billions upon billions of years ago. It is manifested at this moment, instantly, and may be known as such.

Reality is not properly the goal of striving. It is the very source, foundation and motivation of real creative life. Bliss, which is conscious reality, is the ground of all creativity, transformation and evolution. A man’s perfect food is truth. This is literally so. Truth is not just a concept. Truth is the living force of reality. It is intensity. Truth is love. Reality is love. This is love.

We are, at any moment, always and already free. We are always already “there.” This is it. There is no dilemma. There is only reality, presently. It is not somewhere else. It is not hidden within us, nor behind the world. It is only obvious.

There is no higher world that is the special and exclusive communication of truth. All worlds communicate truth in exactly the same way, so there is no special advantage in any world beyond here. There is no radical difference between the higher and lower worlds.

There is no radical advantage in any kind of experience. In fact there is no such thing as a world of separation. It is unreal. No one has ever literally experienced such a world. Experience is void. It is without form, without qualification, without limitation or center.

No one actually perceives the conditions wherein any thing or any one becomes known as an entity. In fact, the only experience is one of absolute infinity. It is the one experience. That is the only thing anyone has ever known. We never actually know ourselves to be separate. We never go through a process of actually knowing that. 

There is nothing else that is ever experienced or known but this one enjoyment of reality, by reality, which is reality. All experience is of that same nature. It is all a subtle design, a spontaneous, paradoxical process.

All experience is meditation. It is the process of reality, its form, its contemplation. When this understanding arises, meditation becomes endless, and every kind of experience becomes blissful, conscious, and free.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Spoken to us all in 1975


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