You Do Not Taste Me In Your Life

You Do Not Taste Me In Your Life 

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Most people hardly even feel the great Force of Being that pervades this universe. If you could Locate It, you would Locate Absolute Bliss. It would make you into a mystic Siddha, just as It has made me. Since endless time, I have always been Blissful, I have always received the Divine Spirit, I have always loved It. I have no resistance to God. But you do. 

And I am trying to Teach you out of that resistance, the mechanism that shuts down the openness to the sublime Force of God. It is the only thing in you that is making you un-Happy. It is not the fact that you are born and living as a human being that makes you un-Happy, but just this simple activity of self-contraction that is reflected throughout your body-mind. 

Therefore, you do not taste me in your life. You do not taste me when you meditate. 

Instead, you concentrate upon this mechanism of separation and you do not get Intoxicated in my sight. Until you become responsible for that contraction, it makes no difference how much I give you. 

Thus, the first form of my manifestation to you is this understanding, this consideration, this Argument relative to the knot, the effort, the mechanism of withdrawal, the self-contraction. And you must become responsible for this self-contraction. Otherwise, it makes no difference how much I give you of the Intoxicating Force of God. It makes no difference how much of It I am. 

Until you are responsible for the mechanism of separation from the Spirit-Presence, you cannot taste It, you cannot love It, you cannot know It, you cannot be swooned by It. And we should exist in a swoon of Intoxication. To do that really is our nature. 

Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

From “The Baptism of Immortal Happiness” 

December 17, 1982

© 2011 ASA

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