There Is No Eternal Independent Inside Called "You"

There Is No Independent Inside Called “You”

ADI DA SAMRAJ: A living being does not enclose an inner, separate, and eternal soul or personal Self. Every complex condition or being that arises is exactly what it seems to be–a mechanical structuring of manifest conditions. What is within a living individual, or what may conventionally be considered to be his soul, is merely the psychic or mental part, which is subtler than the elemental body, and which survives the death of the elemental body, but which is also subject to change and death and every kind of illusion or torment. 

There is no eternal, separate, interested, personal, implicated, and conditioned Self within each living being. There are only psycho-physical conditions, and the Consciousness in which they seem to arise is Absolute, Transcendental, Motiveless, and always Free of all conditions.

Both the world and the living individual are Void, or Perfectly Empty. 

That is, both the world and the living individual are mechanical, without an inner, active, personal, and eternal Self or Consciousness. The Self of the world and of the living individual is not internal, differentiated, and creative. The True Self is Absolute, Transcendental, Infinite, and Free. 

Therefore, to Realize that Radiant Transcendental Consciousness is to be Free of the limitations and implications of the world and of the body-mind. This is obvious to one who has understood all experience and all conventional knowledge. And such Understanding or Perfect Ignorance is not a matter of the intellect in itself, but of the surrender of the entire body-mind, in the midst of all experience, into the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. In this Way even the body becomes Radiant, and even the mind intuits the Transcendental Consciousness.

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Enlightenment of the Whole Body

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