My Birth is an Amnesty

My Birth is an Amnesty

ADI DA SAMRAJ: My Regard for the people of all traditions is constant and absolute—and for all-and-All, without exception. My Birth is an Amnesty. I am willing to Forget. But you must accept My Dharma, My Law.
If you want Real-God-Realization, then you must become My devotee. If you at least want to survive, you must become part of a new civilized order of global cooperation.
The best thing is to combine the two—a life of Realization, living in a ‘world’ of cooperation. This is how peace comes. Not by appealing to the Divine or the Avatar as a kind of ‘good-luck deity’.
When you go to your Master, you do not just ask for gifts to take home. You ask for Instruction, and you do not just say, “Well, You are a nice Master. Those were nice Instructions.”
No—if you ask your Master a question, understand you are obliged to do as I Say. You do what your Master Says. That is it.
You wanted a kind of peace, a kind of order, for those you know, for your country. Yes, I agree—and this Blessing is Offered, and these are the conditions.
You want Realization? I have Told you the conditions. You want peace on Earth? I have Told you the conditions. Those are My Conditions.
Do it or not. But if you do not do it, the Gifts you request, the Blessings you request, cannot and will not be Given. You will not be able to receive them.
Your fulfillment of My Instruction, My Law, is the means whereby you can conduct, receive, use, and celebrate My Blessing, My Gifts. And among them are conditions in this life such as you requested.
But, you see, they are not just handed out without responsibility. If you ask for Blessing, you must embrace the Instruction, the discipline. That is your part.
My Stride depends on your event. There must be a response to Me, for Realization as well as for the well-being of humankind.
Both are Offered.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Spoken to us all on November 28th,

©2011 ASA


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