War Is Murder

War Is Murder

Murder for political reasons is something that human beings somehow feel is justifiable. War is murder. It is evil. War is not being carried on by people who think of themselves as evil or who are the embodiment of the “devil” or anything of the kind. 
Rather, political justifications are the excuses humanity comes up with for its conflicts.
Political conflicts no longer takes place on the scale of two tribes getting together and beating the shit out of one another. At this point, conflicts that in reality what amount to nothing more than silly, tribal skirmishes can destroy mankind. All of the horror in the daily news is nothing more than reports of tribal skirmishes. But they have the potential to destroy life on earth. That is what is so horrific about it.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Spoken to us all on April 16th, 
eleven years ago.

©2011 ASA

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