Attention "Long-Time" Devotees: ENOUGH SAID

Enough Said

You either recognize ME, or you do not. 
I cannot sell it to anyone. 
My role is not to sell it to anyone. 
I Am here to BE here.

I have Done My Submission-Work 
sufficient to provide the Gifts 
that are ENOUGH SAID, enough done.

There is NO SUCH THING as the devil. 
There is only EGO
taking on individual and collective forms. 
There is even such a thing as ATOMIC egoity,
 energy-ego, pattern therefore.

This world is BONDAGE, but it arises in the Divine. 
It can be opened to the Divine–
That Which Is Divine, NOT a deity. 
It can proceed within That Which Is Divine. 
It can be Divinely Liberated, 

Therefore, this is not MERELY HELL
This is the opportunity for transcending hell 
or making more of it. 
YOU choose!

The Very Actual and ONLY Avatar

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

©2011 ASA

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