Paul Muller-Ortega on Avatar Adi Da’s Masterwork, The Gnosticon

Paul Muller-Ortega on Avatar Adi Da’s Masterwork, 
The Gnosticon:
“A New Avataric Veda”

Adi Da Samraj has created a body of work that surpasses in its force and insight that of any other author and teacher of our time.

The present book [is] a mature document that culminates forty or more years of reflection and articulation on Adi Da Samraj’s part. I can only add my own humble invitation to all to plunge into its ecstatic waters and savor The Gnosticon.

In the present volume, Adi Da Samraj uses his deeply insightful reading of a number of traditional texts, drawn from both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, as a means to clarify and specify the nature of these subtlest themes of knowledge and practice leading to the ultimate stages of attainment.

It is precisely in the context of this commentarial enterprise — which, to my mind, constitutes a new moment in the great dialogue and transmission between East and West of the last century — that Adi Da Samraj appears to have been moved to articulate openly what he means and intends by the “perfect practice” and “perfect knowledge.”

This precious commentary seeks to illuminate and clarify a perspective that is beyond all relative points of view, and that is located in an ultimacy of attainment and vision that is beyond the capacity of any traditional text finally fully to articulate or express.

What we encounter in this book is nothing less than what might be called a new “avataric Veda,” a new “avataric Agama”: a new revelatory dispensation of profound originality and force which brings forward a deeply new perspective on matters of ultimacy, reality, consciousness, and the forms of practice previously predicated by the “great tradition” for their attainment.

This book is, therefore, a deeply important document which recommends itself to the attention of both dedicated scholars and devoted practitioners of religion and spirituality.
Paul E. Muller-Ortega
Professor of Religion, University of Rochester

Considered a world authority on the Non-Dual Shaivism of Kashmir, Dr. Muller-Ortega was educated at Yale University (B.A. 1971) and the University of California in Santa Barbara (M.A. 1979, Ph.D. 1985). His areas of specialization include History and Phenomenology of Religions, Mysticism, and classical Sanskrit, with a special interest in Indic Religious Studies including Vedic Studies, Classical Indian Philosophy and Yoga Traditions. 
Paul’s Books at SUNY Press here

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