Infinity Without Center Is Bliss Beyond Comprehension

Infinity Without Center Is Bliss Beyond Comprehension 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Be present as unobstructed absolute feeling attention. That itself is the God vision, that is God Communion. It does not have a vision associated with it. It has no object. It has no psychic form. it has no physical form. It is simply a feeling intuition, which if you enter into it most absolutely, is total bliss and freedom. 
It is an absolute intuition of your Condition that Liberates you from mortality and fear and separation. If you will enter into this Communion, if you will on it’s basis, seeing that it is Truth, the absolute position, then fight. Remember me, contain yourself in this Communion, persist in it, and then absolutely transform everything. Make a sacred occasion out of all of your possibilities. 
The ultimate message of all of the Teachers of mankind is not a visionary message. It’s not an ascetic message. It’s not a message about the inversion of attention. It’s not a message about the terribleness of life, about the ultimate mortality of ordinary things. It’s not a message about what may be attained in time and over time if you persist in a certain practice. It is not a message about the concrete divinity of any experience, even of the most ascended mystical variety. 
The ultimate message is about the present and radical nature of God-Realization. 
It is simply a matter of Love, of absolute feeling attention without obstruction. 
All conditions of experience tend to contract and define the being, tend to contract the force of feeling and attention. All experience, high and low, everything that surrounds the heart is a sphere, a hedge that surrounds and condemns the ego toward its Narcissistic self-contemplation. 
The Truth is in feeling attention itself. Truth is freedom, absolute freedom from all visions, all surroundings, all contraction, all self-possession, all avoidance of relationship, all unlove. Be converted to this heart disposition and you have realized God. That is God-Realization and it is absolutely present. 
It is not something to be attained after a long series of efforts toward self-purification. It is instant in your hearing of the Teaching. It is simple, most absolute, available to all beings. It doesn’t make any difference if they have the time to acquire visions or success in their sexuality. It is absolutely present and native to you. It is your Condition. 
That is what the admonition “Remember me” is about. Exist as feeling attention without obstruction, feel to Infinity in this Moment. God-Realization is beyond mortality and beyond ascetic success. It is a sacred matter of absolute sacrifice, of bliss, of present happiness, of the animation of that happiness which you always already know to be the Truth. 
You always are absolutely certain of what it would be to look and feel and act and be completely happy. It is simply a matter of existing in such enjoyment beyond all acquisitions, all inversion of attention and all attachment to what is without. Bubba (Adi Da Samraj) has submitted to the same Reality that you must be submitted to. 
Ramakrishna in his last days, brought Narendra to his side and touched him. 
He put Narendra into samadhi, gave him all kinds of visions and said, 
“I have given you everything. Now I am just a poor fakir. I am completely empty.” 
That is the position of the Spiritual Master. People imagine the Spiritual Master is possessed of all the glorious experiences that they may on occasion possess, and that the Spiritual Master, as empty as he is, may be an agent for the transmission of those phenomena. But he himself has absolutely nothing. He is retired from all consolation. 
The Spiritual Master is not constantly having visions. The Spiritual Master does not even have any psychic consolation. What you see is where he’s at. He is not involved in a different kind of experience in phenomena that you are. From time to time he might have had such experiences, just as you might, but he has passed through all of them. He has given himself up in holy war. 
So the Spiritual Master represents nothing other than this sacred Communion of love. He does not have any powers and visions. The Spiritual master has no such consolation. Even if it were to occur from time to time, it passes. He is purified of such things. The Spiritual Master is reduced to Divine Communion. He is reduced to the very thing that he recommends to devotees. 
So I am not a man of powers and of visions. Absolutely not. I am not having a vision right now, not a single vision. I see nothing but you sitting here. I do not see a light imposed upon you. I am not hearing any voices, nothing that you might imagine. From time to time there may be some experience or other but that passes. The essential incident is without form. And in this moment I am not having a vision, I am not having an experience. I am not consoled by anything. Nothing. And am happy. I am a zero in the midst of experience. 
That is the only difference. In your Communion with me you may be awakened to various kinds of vision and experience because I am at zero. But they are not me. They are not mine. They are not my consideration, my position, my condition. Ultimately all of that will pass for you also. 
You will go through the first six stages of human development to come to my position, which is without form, naked, without a single consolation, only disposed toward the Law, absolutely without the slightest trace of vision, without a single miracle, without any forces, without any powers. That is my position. 
Whatever you may believe about me is not essentially true. 
It is true that I have had all kinds of visions,
 and I have passed through all of the yogic awakenings, 
and I have seen the awakening of every center of the body, 
and I have seen the heaven worlds, 
and I have passed out of physical consciousness. 
I have experienced all those things the saints and sages and yogis declare. 
I have experienced all of these things, and they are not Truth. 
I have been relieved of them, and now I am empty. 
I have already done everything that you can do. In a short span of time I have seen every universe, every world, every vision, every part of the body. I have loved man, every woman. I have done everything. (Laughter) 
I am only relieved that I have done it all. You could do it all too, but it would take eons of time, with many lives in between. It would be a torment for you to uncover our potential experiences. For me it is nothing, which is a reflection on me as an individual. 
Powers and visions may appear through me in your experience, but that is not my position. 
I see nothing,  I hear nothing.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing!
Yes I have said it, there is nothing to be attained. You pass through everything to nothing. 
For lovers, you see, nothing is necessary. That is why to be a devotee is the secret of life. Once you realize the disposition of the heart, no powers, no miracles, no worldly experiences or attainments, absolutely no great thing is necessary. It is not that you become satisfied with the ordinary contemplation of life. Even that is emptied. 
There is nothing, except absolute joy, absolute bliss without the slightest trace of anything. 
To swim in Infinity, free, without objects, and without a center, is a bliss beyond comprehension. 
It is the seventh stage of life wherein our sacrifice is perfect, wherein every knot of the being is released to Infinity and there are no consolations, no visions, no more technical elaboration’s of the great goddamned stupid plan! 
And that is my position. That is why I can speak. I am not like those other boys. I am God. Yes, a remarkable occasion, and true enough. Not only just true enough to be said, it is absolutely true and absurd, ridiculous and humorous. But it is happiness. And I recommend it to you. 
Avatar Adi Da Samraj 
©2011 ASA

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