You Have a Fear of Becoming Aware of Fear

You Have a Fear of Becoming Aware of Fear
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Always give Me the leading faculties. Don’t be played upon by these natural arisings. Even the intensity of converting life to sadhana can sometimes produce more arisings, reveal more things that require to be purified or made “Bright”, which is what purification is really all about.
Once you dare to allow yourself to hear Me, then the process becomes intensive and profound. Maybe you have some sense of that, those of you who are taking a long time to get to that point. And that’s why you’re taking vacations. 
It’s even a kind of fear of the self-contraction, a fear of becoming aware of the limited nature of your experiencing, and then the mortality that you’re locked into because of that. You’re afraid of it. You’re not merely afraid of it. It is fear.
DEVOTEE: It is fear.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: You don’t want to be afraid, so you distract yourself and minimize your awareness of this. But you must stand in that position. That doesn’t mean to go insane with fear or anything like that. 
It’s about being in that place where you make this knot, this fundamental discomfort. 
Yes, it has the characteristic of fear, but you basically experience that fear 
as a kind of anxiety in the pit of your stomach.

If you are really in touch with the self-contraction, you do experience the anxiety that is the constant underlying everyone’s behavior, everyone’s moment to moment existence. They just build all kinds of stuff on top of it and desensitize themselves, but the self-contraction is the quality of anxiety, stressful anxiety.
So, as I Said, you may want to forestall that realization, because you can’t get rid of it once you got it. Once you get bit, that’s it. Unless you find yourself out, you can’t escape it. And so that’s when the sadhana really begins. That’s when it starts becoming effective at a profound level. Before then, there are life-improvements, fine. But this is how the sadhana gets intensified, quickened, full of light, full of heat, therefore.
And it should then be quick to the “Perfect Practice”.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

©2011 ASA

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