No Amount of Surrendering to Energy Will Enlighten You

No Amount of Surrendering to Energy Will Enlighten You 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: You are just submitting yourself to energy. The primary error of human beings is that they get deluded by their own energies. They submit consciousness to energy. They have this idea that energy and consciousness are the same thing, perhaps. But basically their life involves submitting themselves as consciousness to energy, to motion, to impulses, instead of realizing what Consciousness itself is and perhaps finding energy to be the same thing ultimately. 
They pay no attention to Consciousness itself and just submit themselves as consciousness to the play of energies. There is nothing Enlightening about that. Energies appear everywhere. You feel them in people, you feel them in various places, and so forth. Ultimately all of our experience is an experience of energy. Everything is energy. Everything is pervaded by energy and in some real sense everything is just a form of plain old energy. 
This is not only a metaphysical proposition or a mystical proposition. It is a scientific presumption that everything is a state of energy, a state of light. But to know this or to believe this or even to experience this, is not Enlightening. 

Merely to submit to energy is not to be Enlightened. 

There’s something pleasurable in submitting to energy. After all, that’s what we are doing when we are enjoying sex or food. Anything we enjoy is a pleasurable association with energy. But likewise, everything we don’t enjoy is an unpleasant association with energy. We are all the time submitting ourselves to energy and getting involved in circumstances of energy. There is nothing particularly illuminating or Enlightening about such submission in and of itself. 
Therefore, the Way that I consider with people is not a way of merely submitting to experience or energy. It is not a matter of submitting to the kundalini force or any expression of energy. It is not a matter of submitting to life and experience itself. The Way that I consider with people is the Way of understanding what we are doing so that we can transcend this bondage. . . 
When you are experiencing pain, you are still associated with energy. When you experience pleasure, you are associated with energy. Energy takes the form of all the things you like, but it also takes the form of all the things you don’t like. It takes the form of consolation, and it takes the form of your doubt and bewilderment also. 

There is nothing about energy itself that is either desirable or illuminating. 

To submit to energy is therefore not Enlightening. To submit to energy or to make a religion out of submitting to Energy is just to do the same thing everybody is already doing. Everybody is submitting to energy already. Some people may find a way of contacting certain kinds of energy that make their lives a little bit more consoling, perhaps, than somebody else’s. 
When you die, you are going to be submitting to energy. When the body is going through its agonies, it is, going to be full of energy. So to call God “energy”, or to call religion “surrender to energy”, is not to put yourself in touch with anything ultimately profound. It’s just another way of describing things as they are. And, therefore, merely to submit to energy is to continue to live as you already were living. It doesn’t ultimately change anything. 
There’s a dimension of meditative practice that may involve bodily submission into the Life Current in a particular form. In any case, that is only a secondary aspect of the process. That is what I call conductivity. The fundamental process is the process in consciousness. It begins with basic understanding, or insight into the self, and then becomes surrender and self-transcendence. But it’s not merely a process of submitting to energy. 

The first five stages of life all represent one or another kind of false submission to energy, 
or illusion based on submission to energy.

Everything that consciousness is aware of ultimately amounts to energy itself. In other words, no matter what arises in this moment, no matter what object or objects arise, no matter what experience arises, no matter what particularity there is in this moment, it’s still a form of energy. 
At this present moment energy and Consciousness are not the same for you. Likewise, Nirvana and samara are not the same until Nirvana is Realized, until the Transcendental Condition is Realized. Phenomenal existence is samsaric, deluding, binding. It’s not Nirvana, Blissful, Free, Happy, and non-binding. Likewise, until there is the Realization of identification with Consciousness Itself and the ultimate Realization of its actual Status, there is no Realization that energy and Consciousness are identical. 
That, of course, is what there is ultimately to Realize. When energy becomes recognizable as Consciousness Itself, then the entire Realm of Nature vanishes, It is outshined by Consciousness Itself. That is the secret of the seventh stage of life. But it is not possible to recognize energy as Consciousness until we identify with Consciousness Only and Realize its Status. 

No amount of surrendering to energy is going to Enlighten us. 
Submission to energy is just exactly what the ego is doing all the time. 
The ego is deluded by energy. It is bound up in these motions. It’s failing to contemplate its own Ultimate Condition. It’s failing to contemplate Consciousness Itself. It is, without knowing what consciousness is, simply submitting consciousness to the play of energies. There is nothing Enlightening about this activity. It is illusion. 
Ordinary people who have no religious consciousness at all could still describe themselves as being involved in a process of submitting to energies in the form of bodily states and relations. Thoughts are just energy. Everybody’s already doing this. What’s illuminating about it? Everybody knows by reading a little bit of contemporary popular science that the entire universe is just a solidification of energy. 
Everything that you see, everything that you perceive or experience is just a state of energy. Everybody knows this now. You hear it on television. You practically hear it on the news every night. This is absolutely common knowledge. Well, if that knowledge were enlightening, then why isn’t everybody enlightened by the fact that they’ve made this discovery? 
The reason is that this is not ultimate knowledge. This is conventional knowledge. Everybody already knew it before. It’s just been translated into another kind of language, scientific language. But everybody has already known that everything is energy. There’s never been any doubt about this. It’s been known since ancient times. Everybody knows it instinctively. Everybody is basically just submitting to energy. They can’t help themselves. Energy is happening to them, energy is controlling them. 
Energy is Prakriti, Maha-Shakti, Nature. 
You could also call it, in its deluding aspect, the Devil. 
Everybody is possessed by energy. Some people are pleasurably possessed, other people are painfully possessed, and most people are a combination of the two. Nobody is absolutely pleasurably possessed unless they are also ultimately Enlightened. But even then they suffer all kinds of limitations, no doubt. 
I have never communicated a way that is merely about submitting to energy. Absolutely to the contrary. If anybody has insistently communicated a Way that is not about submission to energy, I am the one. . . 
Consciousness Itself is not separate or egoic. Consciousness is aware of an ego, and it is tending to identify with that ego, or separate body-mind. But Consciousness Itself doesn’t have any such qualities. Consciousness is not afraid. Consciousness is aware of fear. Fear is superimposed upon it by the mechanics of the body-mind. 
Consciousness is aware of thoughts. It’s not even thinking the thoughts. The thinking is something of which it is aware. Everything that arises is an object to Consciousness. We delude ourselves if we look for God in the plane of objective phenomena, if we look for God outside ourselves in the plane of energy, in the plane of nature or beyond nature. 
If we look beyond ourselves to God, in or beyond nature, we will not find God. We will simply be deluded by the play of phenomenal existence and by the limitation of egoity. God is the Source, the Subjective Source of existence. God is located directly in the plane of Consciousness and not in the plane of the relations of Consciousness. . . 
You are already not the ego or self-contraction. You are already Enlightened. Therefore, as I have been saying all these years in our various times of consideration, 
Enlightenment is not something you need attain, 
but the fact of existence on the basis of which you should live. 
You should not devote your life to the realization of Enlightenment.
Devote your life to what you do when you are Enlightened. 
You do not inhere in the realm of nature, but in the realm of Consciousness. Yet, generally you do not have time for Consciousness because you are too busy with nature. You do not have time for Purusha because you are too busy with prakriti, and therefore you do not know what prakriti is. You never realize its actual Status. You let It be God. You worship it. You make an idol out of nature, change, samara. 
The great illusion is that you are fathered-mothered by what you presume to be God, but which is really the mechanical realm of modifications of the Transcendental Being. That illusion is suffering, or samsara. To submit to being an ego is the great error. 
To Realize the Divine Reality you must enter the Realm of Consciousness first. The trouble is that you have begun with nature with the expectation that eventually you will realize Consciousness. You do not get to Consciousness from here. You can only enter into Consciousness directly. You can only enter into Consciousness directly. You are already established There. Therefore, the spiritual practice is to enter into the contemplation of Consciousness directly. 
You need not ascetically cut the world away. You are already free of the world, and therefore you need not eliminate it. By simply taking up the position of Consciousness, you should very naturally permit the body-mind to enter into a state of equanimity. When it is in an ordinary, lawful, balanced condition, managed by simple, natural disciplines rather than ascetic ones, the body-mind does not bind you. Equanimity grants you the free attention to explore Consciousness and realize its Status. 
You never understand this “maya,” this illusion that is nature, 
until you realize the Condition of Consciousness. 
This maya, this samsaric realm, this body-mind, this world of nature, 
is just a machine that drives you, motivates you, traps you, 
interests you, and murders you. 
This maya can never be understood by taking up a position in the realm of maya, or, in other words, by being the ego. But this realm of nature, this life, this sphere of energies taking all these forms, can be comprehended once we realize its Principle. Then all of nature becomes obvious. 
Therefore, it is said in the ancient scriptures of India that there is One Thing to be known, and if you know It, then you know everything. To realize Brahman, the Principle upon which all of this is a play, is the Supreme Science. Until you realize that Principle, you can never understand the play of manifestation. You may manufacture all kinds of explanations for it, none of which is true, but until you Realize Brahman, Truth, Consciousness, until you are It, until you enter into It most perfectly, become the Siddha or the Master of that Realization, existence is a torment, deluded, absurd, and maniacal. 
We suffer the countless stresses that all the little digits arising in the infinite realm of energy create. Nature does not dictate the purpose of existence to us. We just imagine that it does. We can be instantly liberated from that illusion by hearing the word of the Siddha, the Realized Master, and entering into the consideration of the Teaching of Truth in his Company. Then the Siddhi of Realization is granted to us as a Gift and becomes the Environment of our contemplation. 
In general, people want to practice at a distance. They prefer to not quite understand the Message or Teaching of the Spiritual Master. Their practice is to take a little taste of this Way and a little taste of all the other ways and basically to bow only to themselves. Well, this is how to guarantee rebirth as just as much of a bewildered sucker as you are now!

Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

©2011 ASA

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