Transcend the Repetitive Destiny of Separation

Transcend the Repetitive Destiny of Separation
ADI DA SAMRAJ: The relationship to Me, the True Heart-Master, is the epitome and the primary form of relationship. And that relationship contains hidden within it the whole Mystery and Form of Truth. But it cannot be enjoyed or understood apart from the practical or sacrificial application of your life to the whole condition of relationship as it everywhere and every moment appears.
Therefore, practice of the Way of the Heart is the practice of relationship to Me, but also the practice of the condition of relationship itself. That is why I Give practical Instruction in the form of life-demands. The Spiritual Master must be the Master of actual conditions. Thus, I am always bringing My devotee into appropriate conditions, to test and mature him or her. 
In every circumstance, My devotee will either function in relationship openly, effectively, wisely, and with love, or My devotee will observe his or her own resistance, understand, and gradually restore himself or herself to the relational condition in that area of his or her functional life.
The practical living of the conditions of relationship is of fundamental importance, and it is a fundamental expression of the process of true practice at every developmental stage of the Way of the Heart.
Love all your friends. Love all beings. Through devotional submission to Me as your True Heart-Master, be Liberated from all otherness, which is painful, a form of suffering, something to be Liberated from entirely. How can you be Liberated from otherness? Only through feeling-Contemplation of Me.
You must become responsible as love in all relations, under all conditions, and as early in your life as possible, so that you can transcend the repetitive destiny of the ego, of separation, of the avoidance of relationship, of un-love, of “you don’t love me”, that keeps you out by the pond, meditating on yourself like Narcissus. Then you can go on to fulfill the Destiny of Divine Self-Realization while alive.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
©2011 ASA

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