Hridaya Rosary 14th Anniversary

Today is the Sovereign-Avataric Holy Day of the 
Four Thorns of Heart-Instruction,

The 14th Anniversary of Hridaya Rosary

March 29th, 1997

In Kauai, Avatar Adi Da Samraj passes on the manuscript for 
His book Hridaya Rosary to the Adidama Quandra Mandala.

He Is the Bliss-Sun Above All the Worlds

My Outshining “Brightness”
Opens the Eyes
In My Room,
you are the body,
and breath.

Give these
In Me,
From your side
of the Fence,
and I,
From My Side,
Will Always Call
and Greet you,
Heart to heart,
Until the Gate
Flies Open,
and, with Heart-Tears
that Melt the Running-Ground,
all “difference” Washed
By Wideness Alone,
We Speak and Love,
In My Imperishable Domain.

My “Bright” Sun
Rises From the Heart-Root,
and Stands,
Forever Uneclipsed,
Above the Garden Tree,
Above and Beyond
the Pentagrammic Star.

My Bliss-Touch,
My Bliss-Sound,
and My Bliss-Light
Originate Above the Skies of worlds,
Above the Sky of mind,
Beyond the Reach
of body-mind.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
From Hridaya Rosary–Third Thorn

Adidam Sacred History Calendars from Dawn Horse Press 
with Sovereign-Avataric Holy Days for you to follow here 

You can also access the Adi Da Up-Close main page
 for “Today in Adidam History”  here 


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