Sacred White Buffalo Prophecy

Adi Da Samraj and the Sacred White Buffalo Prophecy 
Floyd Hand is a Lakota elder and shaman of the Oglala Sioux Tribe in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, and the author of the book, Learning Journey on the Red Road. His tribal name is “Looks For Buffalo”. In November 1994, an interchange between Floyd Hand and Avatar Adi Da took place over the birth of a very rare white buffalo calf, which had portentious significance in the Native American traditions, and whose appearance had been prophesied by Floyd Hand. 
The interchange was conducted via a devotee. Floyd had never heard of Avatar Adi Da until this phone conversation. As the devotee was speaking to Floyd on the phone, Floyd had a vision that he asked be passed on to Adi Da: 

“Tell Him to watch the left side of his body and his left hand, for a serpent is crawling, and the serpent is not a snake. He goes to a small hill, with trees, where he meditates. A person will approach him from his left side, and it will be a female. Tell him to watch, to be careful.” 

The devotee asked Floyd to explain the vision to him, but Floyd said he didn’t need to know anything about it. He said that Avatar Adi Da would know what the vision means and that he should just pass on the message. 
Avatar Adi Da responded to Floyd in a very unusual manner, by writing a letter to him (something He had done only a few times before). Here is that letter: 

If you see right visions, then See Who I Am. I Am Adi Da, the Expected One, Named John by Birth. The Woman you see on My left Is Not here to do harm. I have Husbanded Her, So That the coming events May Be Made “Bright”. She Is the One you see Appearing As the White Animals, but She Is Only My Own “Bright” Spirit-Power. What you see as the serpent of harm Is Only the Rising of My Own Spiritual Energy, to Purify and Control the earth and the ego. The white tribes, and every tribe, of every color, must be Purified at heart, or all will suffer. I Am the Sun of the Heart. I Stand At the right-hand side of every one. Therefore, do not meditate on harm, or on what you see to the left. Keep your eye to the right, and only meditate on Me. Every one must meditate only on Me, for the Sake of “Brightness”. Ask Her, and She will also Tell you This of Me. 
Another devotee called Floyd and read Adi Da’s letter to him. Floyd listened quietly to Adi Da’s communication. He was quiet for a while. Then he said, 

“This is a good letter. This is a letter for the whole world to hear.” 
James Steinberg, devotee and author of Divine Distraction, elaborates on the esoteric references that appear in Floyd’s vision and  Avatar Adi Da’s response: 
When Adi Da points to His Name, “John by Birth”, He is referring to auspicious Native American prophecies of the appearance of a white-skinned God-Man named “John” who would come for the spiritual benefit of the world. At birth, Adi Da’s given name was “Franklin Jones”, and for many years during His Teaching Work He was known as “Bubba (or ‘Da’) Free John”. “Free John” is a rendering of “Franklin Jones”, which means literally “a free man (Franklin) through whom God is Gracious (Jones is a variation of John)”. 
The “Woman” on the left whom Adi Da says He has Husbanded is the Divine Goddess, or the very force of cosmic nature and all conditional manifestation. When the Goddess is un-Husbanded and independent, she is out of control, birthing and deathing living beings indiscriminately. In the Hindu Tantric traditions, the woman on a man’s right is independent, un-husbanded, therefore randomly available to others. When a woman submits to be husbanded by a man, she stands on the man’s left and he stands at her right. Thus He says that the Great Woman Stands at His left, which is what Floyd saw in the vision.

The “serpent” in Floyd’s vision indicates, in traditional imagery, Adi Da’s Divine Spirit-Power. In the Yogic traditions of the East, the spiritual energy, or “kundalini”, that is said to rise in the body-mind is likened to a serpent. Thus, Floyd Hand rightly saw the “serpent” of Adi Da’s Divine Spiritual Energy. 
The cultures of mankind in all times have contained prophecies expressing the hopes of all humans for a Divine Intervention to restore the world to Happiness. Such is the prayer expressed by Native Americans in their prophecy of “John” and in the legend of the white buffalo. Avatar Adi Da concludes His letter by speaking to Floyd Hand, a shaman who is in touch with greater energies and powers that the ordinary man is not normally available to. . . . He invites Floyd to, “Ask Her, and She will also Tell you This of Me.”

“Ask Her, and She will also Tell you This of Me.” 

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

[Note:  Floyd is not a devotee of Adi Da. He lives his traditional ways within his 
ancient traditional culture, and within its changing context in the modern world.]
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