Not a Single Mystical Experience Is Him

Not a Single Mystical Experience Is Him 
DEVOTEE: Beloved, I had the experience of “the Thumbs”. I found myself in the condition You were describing of cascading forward and into a ball shape, becoming like a sphere of blue light, and . . . 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: There was a visual aspect to it? 
DEVOTEE: Yes. You mention in The Dawn Horse Testament that Your devotees can have any variety of experience, because Your Siddhi arises prior to the Cosmic Mandala, and You Shine through that. And so having these experiences is a sign of Your Shining on us. I wondered if I was wrong in my assumption about that sphere of blue light. Is that the energy of the body-mind or Your Light? 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: You see, as soon as you start trying to make judgments, even exercise discrimination, prior to thinking, you lose the condition. So it’s simply an event in which to be disarmed. Whatever it looks like. Whatever the appearances associated with it. It’s just the body given up to the Condition of Energy. 
One of the things that makes “the Thumbs” phenomenon brief is that you don’t do that. You don’t enter into the depth of it. You become immediately superficial, after a brief noticing, enjoyment, whatever, then you start exercising the body-mind again and it passes. This whole process of entering into it in the fullest sense is to enter into Samadhi in Communion with Me. 
The other thing I could Say is that if you have to ask, its not Me! (laughter) 
DEVOTEE: Next in that meditation . . . I was taken to another place. You were there. And I was absorbed in a great Happiness that was all about You. 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: In each of your descriptions you just gave, you described certain visual or visionary phenomena that you became involved in. 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: They are not themselves part of “the Thumbs”. But when something of the Samadhi of “the Thumbs” has been your experience, you’ve moved from it as a base, into subtle states of Contemplation, with objects. You see? 
Rather than just immediately waking up into the gross bodily associations, you appear to enter into some level of subtle perception visionary, or dreaming, or whatever the content at the moment. Those phenomena are not themselves part of the Samadhi of “the Thumbs”. But something of the Samadhi of “the Thumbs” can occur, and subtle phenomena arise because of the relaxed disposition, availability for it, and so forth.  (silence) 
This resonating of the Circle by Me can, if you’re so disposed, 
expose subtle objects for your interest, or gross as well, 
rather than remaining in the Samadhi beyond psycho-physical references. 
It also suggests that the Samadhi of “the Thumbs” is not complete, that there was opening of the frontal line and some release of the Force into the spinal line, but it only went so far. You began having visions. If it passes fully in that sphere, fully to the fullest in every part, then it doesn’t stop with such subtle phenomena. 
The full Samadhi of “the Thumbs” is full passage through, frontal and spinal. It’s a kind of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and one especially important in this Way. Sufficiently, to be effective, it must occur in the case of all those who are going to go on to the “Perfect Practice”. It will perhaps have different ways of showing itself in different people, but effectively the Work must be done. But if you drift into internal conditions then it’s not complete yet. 
The full Samadhi of “the Thumbs” requires you to be given up utterly, but it can also occur partially, and show signs of that partialness. 
DEVOTEE: I think I see. Perhaps I was uncomfortable with that feeling and then moved out of it into these incomplete places You’re describing. 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. But you like these ascending kind of experiences, these subtle experiences. 
DEVOTEE: Mm-hm. 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Perhaps more consoling to you, less harmful in your view than possible gross happenings. 
DEVOTEE: (laughing) Mm-hm. Mm-hm. 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: You get to twinkle with all those blue lighty-lighties, you know? Visionary throne rooms? (laughter) 
So it may have gone up at that moment, but only partially. And it stopped going down. You see, “the Thumbs” wasn’t what was happening then, but just another form of internal concentration. 
When you fall into the Fullness of “the Thumbs”, you’re simply attention. Mind is relaxed. Body is obviously relaxed. You become simply this sphere, this Circle which is a sphere. But you’re just attention. 
As soon as you activate attention to what’s between attention and the body, 
any faculty of mind or energy or familiarity, then the phenomenon of “the Thumbs” stops. 
It’s changed into something else. 
“The Thumbs” precedes the transition to the “Perfect Practice”, or any deeper meditation which amounts to the same thing. No activation of body-mind, but just attention, the feeling of relatedness. It’s when there is that kind of concentration and equanimity that the transition is made to the Witness, because it’s there that attention, the feeling of relatedness, is found in the Self. The Position of Consciousness is suddenly assumed because the view is so simple. 
But it’s not about identifying with or viewing or penetrating a spot. a bindu, a point of any kind. 
It’s a matter of Standing Prior to it.  (silence) 
Avatar Adi Da Samraj 
©2011 ASA

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