It’s an Absolute Love Relationship with Him

It’s an Absolute Love Relationship with Him
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Anybody who approaches me is obliged to involve himself or herself in just this kind of ecstatic spiritual relationship. When that becomes the condition of their conscious existence, fully, through all the conditions of life, then the force of limiting tendencies is weakened, not by doing anything to it, but by virtue of the fact that you are no longer even involved with it. 
If your relationship to me is essentially ordinary, mechanical, mediocre, not Divine, not a form of contemplation, then you are not doing this sadhana. You are intending to do some other kind of conventional sadhana perhaps, but you are not doing this sadhana. And you are not involved in the sadhana of Truth, you are not involved in Divine sadhana, you are not involved in that opportunity that is made available in human time through the agency of the Guru
The Guru is not simply present to rap out a philosophy or distribute techniques that you may apply depending on your intelligence. The Guru is present to enjoy a Divine relationship with all those who are willing to assume such a relationship, with all those who have the capacity for distraction by the Guru in an absolute love relationship that is more and more distracting. 
But if that distraction is not present, if that love-desire distraction is not present in an individual’s life, then the form of this sadhana is not initiated. It cannot begin. There is no point in even discussing the technical and abstract aspects of the development of this sadhana until the individual has begun to enjoy an ecstatic relationship with me, a spiritual relationship, not one that is in the air, but one that includes the whole of life, that draws the emotion, that awakens the love, that awakens the heart. 
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

©2011 ASA

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