The Midnight Sun Melts Everything

Melt Down In His Deep Light
I Am,
The “Midnight Sun”,
Higher Than dreaming Goes,
Higher Than The Tree-Sky Rises.
Fire Of Heart-Love
Flows From My Right Side To Make your “I”-heart Melt In Me,
Deeper Than sleep Falls,
Deeper Than “self”-contraction
Fire Of your heart-Love,

Kneel Into Me.

Fire Of your heart-Love,

Feel Me Above,

Melting you Down

In Me.
Melt Down
In My Deep Light,
Tasting Delicious Quiet
That Oozes Down The Spire
Of you-Centered-In-Me,
With every thing
and part
and place
and Become
An Alchemical Fuse,
Transmutating Into Love-Bliss
As you
Let This Melting Go To Ground.

Let The Star Melt.

Let The Tree Melt.

Let the top of the head Melt.

Let the ajna door Melt.

Let the long throat Melt.

Let the heart Melt Deep,
In Devotional Communion With Me,
Filling The Infinite
With My Love-Bliss-Presence,
Melting you Down,
Melting the solar plexus,
Melting the navel,
Melting all the belly-knot,
Melting the sex organs,
Melting the entire
and Unbroken
bodily base,
Until the you
of head-to-toe
Is Un-knotted,
Only Open and Filling Full,
Like a vowel
Pierced By A Bolt Of consonants,
and Ringing
With The Beginningless and Endless
Love-Bliss-Pleasure Of My Radiant Transcendental Spiritual “Brightness”, 
ego-“I” Entirely Surrendered,


In A Spontaneous Ease,

and all “self”-contraction Yielded

In The Feel

Of Me,

With All Separateness,

All Relatedness,

and All “Difference”

Danced Upon

and Shattered
To An Unspeakably Singing State
By My
Utterly Allowed,
Allowing Only The
Directly-By-Me Revealed
(and Only-Me-Revealing)
Love-Bliss-Current Of
Self-Existing and
and As
head, and the Always Me-Feeling (Receiving,
and Releasing,
and Melting)
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

©2011 ASA


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