Relax, He Figured It Out Already

Relax, He Figured It Out Already
ADI DA SAMRAJ: I Am the Genius. If you want to know what to do—you ask Me, and I Tell you, through My (now, and forever hereafter) Revealed and Given (and Fully Written) Avataric Divine Word. You must constantly (and with constant formal cultural guidance) study My Word. And there may be relatively rare occasions when you (or any one of My devotees) needs to personally ask Me (or, after the physical Lifetime of My Avatarically-Born bodily human Divine Form, ask My “Living Murti” or, at any time, ask the Ruchira Sannyasin Order) about some detail of My Instruction. 
In any case, the point I am making is that you must always ask, you must always submit to be Divinely Mastered by Me, and you must always really and truly live your life based on the Divine Law of My Instructions and My Person. 
It is not a matter of indulging yourselves in endless talk—as if to become geniuses of “consideration”, in order to tell yourselves what to do. That is to be Guruless! To have a Guru means you know that you are suffering and self-bound, and that you cannot find your own way out of the self-trapping web of your self-made complexity of ego-bondage—but you also know that you have Found Me, the Divine Heart-Master. 
You know that I Am the Genius of what is required—and, therefore, you submit to ask. You do not have to be involved in more “mind” about anything in order to figure it all out. The Divine Heart-Master says, “Do this,” and you do it. 
“Teacher say, student do.” That is the Guru-devotee tradition. You do not have to become a genius, because you have a Spiritual Master Who Is a Genius. You cannot figure it out. Do you think you are going to figure out the total scheme of this complicated illusion of modifications?
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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