New Spiritual Memoir from Adidam devotee

New Spiritual Memoir from Adidam devotee
Dennis Leroy Stilwell


For my Spiritual Master, 
Adi Da Samraj,
to Whom I owe everything.
May His Blessings freely flow to you, 
the reader of this book,
that your own desire for Love, Truth, Freedom 
and Unqualified Happiness 
be Realized in the Conscious Light 
that is Reality Itself.

From the back cover: 

IIn 1975 Dennis Leroy saw the film A Difficult Man. On the spot he knew he had found his Spiritual Master. His next thirty years were filled with lessons–rarely told–in spirituality, humanity, and love. 

Love’s Sacrifice and the Ordeal to Become Human is the extraordinary story of the relationship between Master and devotee; of the Master’s instruction in the highest Spiritual Teaching of non-dualism and the devotee’s struggle to bring that instruction into life. 

It is a story about the breaking down of religious idealism and the rise of the Spiritual reality; and about human loss and human growth. 

Love’s Sacrifice is a powerful recounting of heartbreak, mystery, miracles, and truth.


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