Looking For Actual Realization or Yummy Yoga-Pleasure?

Looking For Actual Realization or Yummy Yoga-Pleasure? 
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Devotees should maintain the purity of practice I’ve Given them–not pure in the moralistic sense, but they should maintain consistently the actual practice I’ve Given and not vacation from it or avoid the demands associated with it, because to do so is to identify with the organism position or the play of opposites, and all kinds of negativity or dark-sidedness or Lightlessness. 

So you must consistently maintain all the disciplines I’ve Given you, focused in the fundamental one of Ishta-Guru-BhaktiYoga, and everything about the “conscious process” and “conductivity” and so on, all the life-disciplines. Because only in doing it that way do you stay one-pointed in it without slipping off into the sideshow of the opposites. And require of yourself that you go beyond the limiting force of your adapted personality–fear, sorrow, anger, and all the rest. 

Devotees often don’t seem to understand this is what it’s about. They’re just looking to feel pleasure. They’re not listening to Me yet, not to mention hearing. They’re not focused in the seriousness of practice that really deals with the realities of the religious life. They want a consolation perhaps. They don’t want the ordeal of going beyond themselves for real. Of course, the Way of the Heart is about going beyond yourself for real. That’s what its about every moment. 

And since this Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga covers all moments, you will be doing sadhana in the moments that are relatively negative, in your disposition or dealing with circumstances, whatever it may be. But you’ll do sadhana as these things appear. And by going beyond that in self-surrendering Communion with Me, you’ll notice something about all of these knots. 

Ultimately, you discover the principal knot, 
the one you’re doing all the time, the self-contraction itself, 
which is the basis for all the other knots or forms of contraction 
in your life, your body, your emotions, or your mind.

So you must go through that purifying process in the midst of self-frustration, difficulty, binding psychological tendencies, and go beyond them. So the process is purifying all along till the “Perfect Practice” becomes your capability. It relieves knots, you see. And the sign, then, in somebody who’s My devotee, who’s advancing in the practice, is that you are feeling beyond the knots consistently. 

It’s noticeable by those who know you over time that previously you showed certain kinds of signs in certain situations, had a certain disposition, or whatever–your egoic personality showed itself in some way–and now ten years later, somebody who’s known you all along can notice how for you how those things have changed, they’ve disappeared, even. 

You may feel you’re still dealing with a lot of it on some subtler level, but others notice all kinds of signs in your physical, emotional, and mental qualities, your relational qualities and so on as well, and all your behavior, that it has become benign, relatively En-Lightened, so to speak. 

In other words, Light has been brought there. You released it in Communion with Me and found the State of Light. It is Radiant, Love-Bliss, not contracted, not negative. And so It shows Itself in everything about you. 
Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

©2011 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd., 
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam. 
All rights reserved.


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