I Want Your Ego-Machine to Collapse 

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Spiritual life is a crisis. Therefore, Spiritual life involves discomfort at times. Such discomfort does not mean that Spiritual life is failing, or that you are not good enough for it. Crisis and discomfort must occur.

The crisis (or turnabout) is what Spiritual life is all about. It is supposed to occur. . . . The individual who is really using this process can be enduring this crisis almost continually, with great frequency and intensity — and, yet, like a soldier on the march, the person never misses a step, never becomes outwardly reactive. 

Such a person continues to function, and apparently only enjoys life. He or she does not get involved in an entire drama of upset. . . . You must know that everything I am doing is a means to bring about this crisis. I desire this crisis in you. . . . I want you to notice the machine of your ordinary activity. 

I want that entire ego-machine to collapse. 
I want it to come to an end. 
I want the “death” of all of that. 
If that “death” does not occur, 
there will be no release, 
no Realization. 

There will just be the self-generation of the unconscious event of life and death, the continual round that is already distracting you.

From Daily Quote Section, main page of Adi Da Up-Close

©2011 ASA

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