Thank you for your beautiful emails

Thanks again to everyone for all your beautiful and supportive comments.  
Here’s a wonderful excerpt from an email just received a few moments ago:
“Everywhere I go on the web (especially facebook) there’s just more talking, talking, talking, endless talking about spiritual life! There is clearly much more talking than real ego-transcending practice going on out there with all these jabbering yogis and spiritual dudes. Thank you so much for your very sumptuous visual feast of a blog. Your work is the opposite of all these “talking schools” dominating the internet, forever pontificating like Pharisees back and forth, and always self-congratulating each other every chance they get. I find it hard to stomach sometimes. Thanks again. I love it and love you for what you are bravely creating, an oasis of His Pure Water in the empty spiritual desert of words….words…..words….. Da”

–fan for life



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