You Can’t Fake Seventh Stage Realization

You Can’t Fake Seventh Stage Realization At All

When the “Perfect Practice” begins, that’s when the process is most direct. But truly, it’s only in the seventh stage of life that that process is fulfilled. Because in the sixth stage level of the practice, there is Identification with Me Prior to the body-mind, and you enter into Samadhis, Jnana Samadhi when that is most profound, but then you return to the body-mind, apparently relinquishing that “Perfect Practice”, you see. 
In some sense, it appears, you relinquish it, you get up and do things ordinarily. And the body-mind has its own adaptations, so they may still show themselves. It’s only in the seventh stage of life, when there is no longer reaching into Identification with Me, with the Divine Self-Condition, but simple Establishment in It, and relinquishment of the last knot, the dissociative knot that contracts away from conditions, dissociates from conditions–it’s only then, with that relinquished, that

Amrita Nadi becomes Radiant, 
and the entire body-mind, because there is native Recognition, 
becomes the Divine Sign.

The body-mind is “Brightened” consistently in the course of the seventh stage Demonstration to the point of Divine Translation. There needn’t be the Demonstration of the body dissolving in Light, because people don’t perceive Reality in that sense, you see. 
Normally the body will just die at some point. But the life would have been, in the seventh stage Demonstration, a Radiant life. In other words, rather than being merely a play on the opposites, it’s the Play on the single Reality. And so that is unique to the seventh stage of life. 
There are some things that, as I’ve already mentioned, could be seen similarly in Spiritually “awakening” people. But the Demonstration in its fullest sense, you see, is what takes place in the seventh stage of life. 
This is what devotees should understand in My Descriptions then. It is the Demonstration of inherent Identification with the Divine Self-Condition, but Recognizing, inherently Recognizing, everything as a merely apparent, non-binding modification of That.

So it’s not a matter of the disposition, 
in the egoic sense at any rate, 
moving into a Lightless moment at any time. 
It is always Enlightened. 

In other words, it is always based on inherent Identification with the Self-Radiant Divine Self-Condition. No matter how it appears, however the play of the individual appears, it is still Such. That is the Nature of Consciousness, and It never changes. And Recognition is constant. And if you understood the person rightly, you would see that it is a constantly “Bright” Love-Bliss Demonstration.

You can’t fake the seventh stage Realization, you see. 
You can’t fake Realization at all.

Adi Da Samraj



You can’t fake seventh stage Realization at all.  

But could the body of “devotee-non-Realizers” 

truly Recognize an authentic seventh stage devotee-Realizer?


©2010 ASA

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