ALL Ego’s Are Inherently Addicts

ALL Ego’s Are Inherently Addicts
ADI DA SAMRAJ: The ego “I” is an addict, a seeker in pursuit of utter self-fulfillment and self-release. No one has ever become an alcoholic or a drug addict who was not first (and already) a self-contracted being (or ego “I”). 
And no one has ever been “cured” of alcoholism or drug addiction who did not remain a self-contracted being and a yet active seeker for utter self-fulfillment and self-release. Therefore, even though to overcome gross addictions is an appropriate and praiseworthy endeavor, the greater Calling of mankind is to utterly transcend the ego “I” itself, and all of its patterns of self-contraction (and seeking).
And the beginning of the process whereby the ego “I” is utterly transcended is the very same discipline whereby the grosser addictions and failures of human life may be overcome. That is to say, human beings must become responsibly able to embrace and maintain a comprehensive practice of self-discipline.And they become thus responsible only by submitting themselves to be guided by an exemplary “culture of expectation and inspiration”, wherein they exercise discriminative intelligence and, on that basis, consistently exercise the will.

Because it requires an effectively ego-transcending practice of life, the process of truly human growth is religious. The ego “I” is an addict (or a seeker) in everything he or she does. That search is always a lust for objects and effects. And the search itself is always founded upon “Narcissus”, the basic self-contraction, the alienated, separate, and separative ego “I”. Therefore, to truly understand the ego “I” is to understand all seeking.

And to truly discipline any kind of seeking (or addiction) is, necessarily, to relinquish egoity, self-contraction, alienation, separation, separateness, and separativeness.Thus, to truly understand and discipline and transcend seeking (or addiction) and the ego “I” requires Communion with the Source Condition of human existence.

Adi Da Samraj  

April 24, 2005

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The Way of the Bone:  The Addict’s Revision of Adidam vs. the True Way


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