Most Yogas Are Eventually Abandoned

 Om Ma Da 

अादि  समराज

Most Yogas Are Eventually Abandoned

ADI DA SAMRAJ: In the Way of Divine Ignorance, all ideas and all knowledge of the Divine Reality, Condition, and Destiny are dissolved in the intuitive depth of irreducible Ignorance. And all strategic methods for returning to the Reality are dissolved in the intuitive re-cognition of the human psycho-physical tendencies that produce and reinforce the illusion of separation itself. 

Thus, in the full maturity of this Way, there is only direct, radical, transcendental self-releasing intuition of the Condition of the body-mind and all experience. In this Way, knowledge and belief dissolve in ultimate Ignorance. 

Just so, self-binding psycho-physical techniques and experiences 
are progressively inspected and released as 

unnecessary and deluding habits of existence. 

In the process of such inspection in practice, the entire “great way of return,” the traditional and ancient psycho-physical sequence of methods of transcendental reunion, is fully engaged and ultimately abandoned. 

Thus, many “yogas” appear in the course of practice in this Way, including karma yoga, bhakti yoga, hatha yoga, mantra yoga, kundalini yoga, ashtanga yoga, tantra yoga, raja yoga, kriya yoga, shabd or nada yoga, laya yoga, jnana yoga, and so forth. 

All of these yogas, 
all these spiritual, mystical, and psychic techniques or responsibilities, 
are eventually 


The legitimate task of each such approach is the conventional one of awakening a new level of psycho-physical adaptation and awareness. But when this is done, that very state of adaptation or experience must be penetrated and released, or else it will only reinforce the illusions of consoling knowledge, independence, and separation.

There is a Radiant Condition or Consciousness wherein the whole and entire body-mind and all environments of experience are arising as modifications or stepped-down intensities of Itself. 

It is only Realized when there is transcendence of the limiting force of the entire body-mind. Such is Transfiguration and Translation of the body-mind in the Reality that is its Condition and Destiny.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


“Transfiguration” and “Translation” ?
See “Four Phases of the Seventh Stage of Life”

©2011 ASA


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