The Most Dangerous Cult On Earth

The Most Dangerous Cult On Earth:  

“Scientific Politico-Materialism”

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You must understand that scientific materialism is not just a philosophy, or a movement that develops in laboratories and universities. It is a political movement. It is economically enforced. It is the new priesthood, the new religion. 

All kinds of politically-based motivations and economically-based motivations are manifested by the scientific establishment, which is always involved in suppressing anything other than the established point of view. 

Those who adhere to the tenets of scientific materialism 
are very aggressive in their intentions. 
And they have the money to accomplish them.

Science is not the problem. Scientific materialism and its economic power is the problem. Scientific materialism is a debased, degrading, and oppressive philosophy. It is called “science”, but it is not science. It is a philosophy with economic and political power. It communicates a materialistic point of view about reality, and it divorces people from cooperation, from real responsibility, from the Divine inclination, from experimentation with life. 

Scientific materialism sizes everybody up as a unit in a political system. It is a horror, and the whole world is full of it. 

To do what you are all doing in My Company 
is frowned upon mightily in most places. 
That is why you must be strong and not be hat-in-hand.

Here you all are, bodily born. These bodies are subject, to a greater or lesser degree, to all kinds of distress, and you cannot help but die. Everybody is stuck with that fact from the moment of birth. There are no two ways about it. Everybody has the potential for profound physical suffering. And everybody does suffer. 

Every born being, whether human or otherwise, is suffering under stress. Every one. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You can cooperate with one another to minimize it, but you cannot do anything about it absolutely. Every single one of you will die, and you will suffer in the meantime. 

To think blithely that this is some sort of potential utopia 
is just to delude yourself with the daily news. 

That is not how it is, that never was how it is, and that never will be how it is. This place is a place of inherent limitation, of self-contraction, of the dramatization of egoity, of stress, of struggle, of everyone out for oneself only, with a little bit of cooperation and smiley superficiality to the side.

This is a terrible place! It is also a very good place, because it arises in God. This is the Principle to magnify in yourself, but do not become silly with nonsensical notions. This place is what it is, and all die and all suffer. All do and must, and there are no two ways about it. None.

If you feel comfortable at all, 
it is because you are in a situation that indulges your illusion. 

Be grateful if you are relatively free from harm. The billions of people in this world are all suffering and under stress, yet perhaps you are under a little bit less stress than others. 

Nevertheless, this is not the heaven-world. This is not the God-world. It is Pervaded by God, it is Only God, but nonetheless all of you are going to have to suffer. You have already suffered. You are already under stress. You have tried all kinds of strategies to relieve yourself of suffering. You are always working to relieve yourself of stress.

The greater Reality must be your confession and your commitment. 
This is the only Way of Liberation. 
There is no way to escape suffering and death. 
No way. 

Death comes to all, but you can Realize That Reality Which Is Inherently Free of suffering. That is Me. That is What there is to Realize. In the fact of the body, however, there is no alternative but suffering and death. No matter what happens politically, there is no alternative to that fact.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Spoken to us all on December 4th, 1992

©2011 ASA

A Tainted Practice

“Om Mani Padme Om  …  Oh Money Buy Me Home  …  Om Mani Padme Om”


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