Don’t Waste this Life on Psychic Ascent

Don’t Waste  this Life on Psychic Ascent

ADI DA SAMRAJ: All transitions to other worlds are the products of a psychic intention, a tendency of attention toward conditional fulfillment. 

If we do not transcend the habits of attention relative to this world and the possibilities associated with gross human embodiment, then we will return to these conditions and be reborn in human form again merely by repeating this exercise, which has no independent necessity, but to which we grant necessity by submitting to the self-contracting disposition of the ego. 

We must transcend all of the appearances of necessity that we seem to find in this world or in any other worlds. We must be free of the aspiration toward conditional existence and be full of the aspiration that is God-Communion.

Therefore, you are called to enter into the perfection of Enlightenment, the fulfillment of God-Communion to the point of Translation, not to the development of the psychic ability to ascend, to be embodied in after-death realms, the world of high yogis and great beings in the higher scale of Nature. 

Thus, we do not use this Baptism for the sake of psychic ascent but for the sake of self-transcendence, the dissolution of all the conditional tendencies of attention in the Spirit Being, in Enlightenment. We are not devoted to the conventional possibilities of yoga or mysticism, just as we are not devoted to the possibilities of being spiritual and blessed in this world. 

We are devoted to God, the Transcendental Condition Itself, and this devotion, rather than any intention to be here or to go elsewhere, dissolves all the tendencies of attention.

The Way is demonstrated as Translation in Enlightenment. 

This is one of the principal distinctions between this Way and the various conventional and traditional paths. The traditional and conventional paths associated with the first five stages of life generally lead toward the improvement of conditions for spirits in the spirit-worlds, to an improved life in this world or an improved birth in other worlds. 

The sixth stage of life is truly a transitional stage that should lead to the seventh, but in and of itself, it is based on an heretical disposition toward exclusive inversion, a problematic view of life that wants to dissociate from the conditions of existence because it is not Spirit-born, because it has not recognized and Awakened to the Spirit in the moment of conditional existence. 

The sixth stage of life should lead to the seventh or the recognition of all conditions in the Spiritual Divine, which ultimately dissolves all the habits of attention.

If we enter into the seventh stage of life most fully, 
we will not accumulate karmas in other worlds. 

We may see other worlds or become associated with the possibility of the transition to other worlds, but we will recognize those possibilities as they arise. We will not become involved in the psyche, but we will recognize the psyche. 

Therefore, we will fulfill the Way perfectly in the seventh stage of life and not migrate after death but be dissolved in the Living One, allowing the Living One to generate our destiny in Its own Domain.

You could say, therefore, that my call to you is a call back to the Transcendental Domain. But that Domain is not a someplace else. You cannot get There from here. 

No road leads to It. 

It is not up, It is not down, It is not within. It is present. 

We see It when we Outshine what seems to be in the present. 

We are already There. We need only Awaken to It.
It is not like another place. 

It is simply not visible to us because our vision is qualified by the modifications of the Spirit that are presently arising. The more we enter into the Spirit, then, the more this arising world is Transfigured to the point of being Outshined, and we will discover that we have been all the while sitting in the heavenly Domain, as people awaken from dreams and find they have been lying in their beds all night!

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