Divine Realization Is Real

Divine Realization Is Real

In this age of scientific materialism, 
doubt is the only certainty and the only substance of mind. 

Therefore, people in this age are profoundly crippled in their ability 
to grasp matters of higher certainty 
or to relate to subtler mental and physical processes. 

Likewise, they have been wounded in the root 
wherein we are naturally moved toward Truth 
(rather than what is merely and temporarily factual or true). 

Therefore, this is an age in which people demonstrate little ability 
to understand and practice real religion or spirituality. 

Transcendental Awakening or Divine Realization 
has been reduced in the popular mind to the status of 
mere literary mythology. 

Because of all of this, my Teaching Work suffers a vague reception, 
and what I have made plain is commonly regarded to be unreal.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

©2011 ASA


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