Arunachala Yatra

“Amrita Nadi” or Atma Nadi

refers to the “The Divine Current of Love-Bliss”, 

found in the universal human esoteric anatomy at the chest’s right side, 

otherwise unmentioned in the Great Tradition, yet well-known to Sri Ramana,

and described in every exquisite detail by Avatar Adi Da Samraj,

 including the never described “Regeneration of Atma Nadi” 

(in the seventh stage of life), 

all accounted for fully in 

Avatar Adi Da’s 




“Who am I? refers to the practice Ramana generally recommended to others.

“Virupaksha” and “Skandashram” are very sacred places on Arunachala.

Arunachala Yatra
A walk up the mountain.

Virupaksha Cave

Ramana meditated here for 17 years, 1899-1916


Ramana meditated here for 7 years, 1915-1922

The Regeneration of Atma Nadi Described:

Adi Da Audio–Ribhu Gita below:


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