Religious Consumerism Is an Ancient and Futile Ritual

Religious Consumerism Is an Ancient and Futile Ritual

ADI DA SAMRAJ:  Most people are willing to sacrifice things, but not themselves. They are willing to pay cash, in other words, for a quick salvation. Such “religious consumerism” is an ancient ritual of worship, but it is false and futile. True worship is the surrender of your own body-mind-“self” in Truth Itself, in the Living and Transformative Company of the Spiritual Master. People absolutely resist such surrender, because they know nothing about it. 

Human beings are, in fact, subhuman in their present level of adaptation. Devotional surrender of the egoic “self” represents a future stage of development for humanity as a species. In their present actual, literal, psycho-physical condition, human beings are incapable of such surrender. They must be drawn out of that limited condition, and into another state of existence. 

And it is as far to go from where they are now 
to Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization 
as it is from the amoeba in the primal mud of the Earth to a human being. 
Every aspect of your existence—even the body—must change dramatically.

There is an unspeakably profound difference between the condition of the usual egoic individual and the Condition of the Divinely Enlightened individual. If imagined in “evolutionary” terms, that difference is an inconceivable leap. However, there is a Real Process for making that leap, and there is Help for it: the devotional and (in due course) Transcendental Spiritual relationship to Me, the Divine Avataric Master. 

In other words, something in the Super-Physics of the universe makes it possible for the Divine Conscious Light to Avatarically Incarnate as an apparent human individual, for the Purpose of Bringing others into the Sphere of Divinely Enlightened Existence. Therefore, just as the relationship to the Spiritual Master (of one or another degree) is the Supreme Principle of Spiritual life in general, the relationship to Me is the Supreme Principle of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

True Spiritual life is not just a change in your mind. Much more than an “inner awakening” or a “good feeling” about everything must take place. The literal physics of your entire existence must change. The physical body and its energies must be literally transformed. 

Real Spiritual processes do not occur as a result of the “subjective” nonsense 
of vicarious belief and vicarious salvation that people usually associate with “religion”—
as if Real Awakening were merely a matter of asking some silly question 
or going to a few lectures for the weekend.

That is not Divine Enlightenment. Divine Enlightenment is a literal change of the whole body. If you have acquired the human form, then the change that must occur in the body is not really so much in your outward appearance, because you already have the necessary structure. Rather, the changes that must occur are psycho-physical changes—just as literal as if you were to acquire more legs and arms, except that the most dramatic changes occur in dimensions other than the shape of the physical body. 

Changes certainly do occur in the flesh and in the elemental structures of the body, but those changes do not really alter the body’s outward shape. Nevertheless, those changes are as literal as the “evolutionary change” from a dinosaur to a human being—and they are as dramatic as that, but they principally occur at more subtle levels of the physics of the conditional being. There are literal changes in the nervous system, literal changes in the chemistry of the body, literal changes in the structural functioning of the brain.

You cannot realize such changes in a weekend. 
They are a living process of growth—
but they can be quickened and intensified through right practice, 
and real ego-transcending discipline, 
in My Divine Avataric Company. 

I Communicate My Own “Bright” Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State to you, thereby Effecting a “radical” (or “at-the-root”) transformation in the disposition of your body-mind-“self”. 

And, then (over time), I Magnify the effectiveness of that disposition many times, such that the entire Process of Divine Enlightenment can, potentially, take place even in a single lifetime—or (at least) be dramatically advanced in one lifetime, if not completely fulfilled.

The Transcendental Spiritual Process in My Divine Avataric Company becomes a Perfect Self-Awakening of the whole body, through the moment-to-moment turning of the whole body of psycho-physical faculties to Me. Such devotional turning to Me requires the disposition of limitless “self”-sacrifice into the Absolute Intensity of Which all conditional manifestations are stepped-down intensities (or conditionally apparent modifications). 

Through the by-Me-Given Process of total and complete “self”-sacrificial release into Absolute Intensity, Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization Self-Awakens. Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization is not a merely egoically-“subjective” (or bodily and mentally “internal”) matter. 

Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization 
Is the Most Perfect Self-Enlightenment of the whole body. 

As long as the process in My Divine Avataric Company is one of growth and adaptation and purification, there is the sacrifice of the egoic “self” (or the apparently independent body-mind-complex). 

Most Ultimately, in the Divine Process of the seventh stage of life, the Intrinsically egoless whole body is Divinely Transfigured and Divinely Transformed—becoming (in due course) Divinely Indifferent, and (at last) Divinely Translated.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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