Grow Beyond the Dependency on Childish Archetypes

Grow Beyond the Dependency on Childish Archetypes

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The popular Myth of Jesus is founded on archaic cosmological archetypes. Jesus is believed to have come down from Heaven (or the sky of stars above the Earth) and become a blood sacrifice (in the ancient style of cults that ritually killed animals and men), and then he is supposed to have risen up into the sky again—back to Heaven. 
The man Jesus is popularly believed to be God, the Creator of the Universe, and his death is glorified as a necessary Cosmic Event that somehow makes it unnecessary for any believer to suffer permanent mortal death.

All of this, and more, may have made some kind of imaginative, street-level sense 
in the days of the Roman Empire, but it is nothing more than benighted silliness 
in the last quarter of the twentieth century. 

And, in any case, none of this Idolatry was the teaching or the intention of Jesus or any of the other great spiritual Adepts of the world. All of the mythological idolization of Jesus was the creation of the exoteric and popular cultism of the early Christian Church. 

And the time has come for the world to renounce this nonsense—
even if the Christian Church itself is yet unwilling to renounce
 its obnoxious absolutist claim on all of humanity.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj



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