The Ego Is Not A Real Priest

Is Not A Real Priest

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Turning to Me is not a dissociative strategy. You are not moving away from something and turning to something else. It is not a movement of attention from something to something else. In your presumed practice of turning to Me, you have added the “method” of turning away from what is in the field of view of the faculties. That is not the practice. That is something you are egoically adding to the practice. Some form of religion. You are applying a willful religious “method” of your own, and not simply resting the faculties in Me. That is the cult. That is narcissus. 

You have put a priest between yourself and Me. 
It is your own ego, your own mind. 
It is performing the practice for you. 

You must relinquish your association with this priest.

©2011 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.


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