Sadhana Journal Entry August 9, 2006

Sadhana Journal Entry August 9, 2006

I walked into a local market tonight with my intimate and a former student.  As they selected our evening dinner from a truly amazing array of vegetables,  I ambled over to the middle of the expansive produce section to drink in the view of my fellow shoppers.

As I did this, I also pictured my Beloved Guru walking among us, and was stopped in my tracks near the impressive wild mushroom display by a muscularly imposing open-eyed vision.

The entire store had darkened to the point of a totally obscuring blackness.  As I stood there, Blissfully motionless, separate definable objects and bodies were no longer apparent in any way.

The top of my head felt completely opened and porous, like a newly moistened bone-dry sponge, and a super-concentrated stream of indescribable Love-Bliss-Light penetrated first my skull, then my heart and total body, down to my very toes and even into the floor, the earth below, and what can be only described as fully Beyond.  

I could see myself  “objectively” from above,  and saw that this Light, now powerfully streaming into my body, was only happening to me.  No one else could see It.  No one else was experiencing It. Everyone else was simply shopping, talking and relating to one another.

The store (even the totality of the cosmic domain) was like one big densely black box with a brilliant white aperture above of Perfect Light.  What used to be “me” was now a single column of His Bright Bliss-Light.

Then someone bumped into me and everything returned to “normal”.


Though a passing experience at the time, this was premonitory of what was to come.

Om Ma Da


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