Samraj Asana

In due course, that Love-Bliss-Full responsive recognition of Me 
is demonstrated as Intrinsically egoless “Samraj Asana”, 
in the “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam. 

Transcendental Spiritual Love-Bliss-Light-Fullness Is the “Wine”, 
the Nectar Filling the cup of body-form, the Infusion of “Brightness”. 

Therefore, These Are the Characteristics Realized: 
Love-Bliss, Light, Fullness, “Brightness”. 

If you enter—tirelessly, profoundly, whole bodily—into the searchless Beholding of Me, you (Thus and Thereby) “Locate” My “Brightness”. 

When I Am Thus devotionally “Located”, My “Brightness” is Realized to Be 
Tangibly Evident, even bodily.

Adi Da Samraj


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