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Mind Is an Interior Projection of a Language-Program

ADI DA SAMRAJ: In Its essence, the Way that I have Revealed and Given is simply turning to Me and serving Me. However, the ego is incapable of doing such right practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam. Rather, the ego merely thinks about doing the practice. “Thinking about doing it” is an activity unique to human primates-animals who have a highly developed language-facility, and (thereby) a capability to make mind and to be formed by mind.

There is no mind. Mind is a myth. There is language-which is programmed by brains, and which, in turn, programs brains. However, there is no tangible existence to “mind” itself-absolutely none. Nevertheless, human beings identify with the “mind” as “self”, and (thereby) invent destiny for themselves, and even project that “self”-imagined destiny into an idea of time and space beyond the present physical lifetime.

Mind is an interior projection of a language-program that, in its imaginative elaboration of itself, conceives of purposes and ideas (in the realm of illusion) for which there are no corresponding physical data. Human beings are all living in a “virtual world” of mind. Human beings are, characteristically, egoically “self”-identified with a “robot”, an artificial intelligence.

Real Intelligence is tacit (or intrinsically wordless) living existence. Where there is such tacit living existence, a Realizer (of Reality) can be recognized, and you are immediately able to devote yourself to a Realizer as Master-because such a relationship does not, fundamentally, require any words.

If you are sensitive to the actual nature of your “experience”, you discover that conditionally manifested existence is disturbed and limited and unsatisfactory. Therefore, you actively look (even if only inwardly, in a feeling sense) for Something Greater. 

When you find a True Realizer, you simply see the Realizer in front of you, and you tacitly feel the State of the Realizer. That tacit recognition is not about words. It is not about the Realizer’s state of mind. It is not about the Realizer as an extension of the language-game. It is simply a tacit recognition of the Realizer As the Self-Realization (and the Self-Revelation) of Reality Itself.

When you find such a one-of whatever degree or mode of Realization-you tacitly recognize him or her as Spiritual Master. That recognition converts you, on the spot, to the most ancient (and even pre-historical) Way. In other words, as soon as that recognition occurs, the Way of devotion to the Realizer begins. That Way of devotion is a spontaneous happening, which is beyond the patterning that binds you to the “world”-mummery and the pursuit of egoic “self”-fulfillment.

The Way of devotion to the Realizer is a simple matter: There is an inner discipline of life, and there is an outer discipline of life. The inner discipline is to turn to the Spiritual Master, moment to moment-forgetting all else, going beyond your program, being released of ego-patterning by not using it. 

The outer discipline is to attend to the Spiritual Master and serve the Spiritual Master. Of course, if verbal instruction is given, you adapt your life of practice to that instruction. Nevertheless, the relationship to the Spiritual Master is, fundamentally, about these inner and outer disciplines-which are not in the realm of mind, not in the realm of the “artificial intelligence” of egoity. Right practice is entirely straightforward.

That Which Is to Be Realized is not in the realm of mind. Therefore, Realization is not about eternalizing mind. Realization is not about the life of the mind after death. Rather, Realization is about Reality Itself-Prior to mind, Prior to patterning, Prior to the “world”-mummery. Reality Itself-Which Is Divine-Is All The God There Is. In and of and As Itself, Reality (Itself) Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant. That is What there is to Realize.

I Am That. Those who truly devotionally recognize Me will Find Me and simply turn to Me and serve Me. Yes, I Give Instructions-and My true devotees simply practice them. That is that. 

For My true devotee, it must be as simple as that. My true devotee is moved beyond mind. My true devotee simply-on Sight-“Knows” Me, and is (therefore) moved to serve Me and to practice the fundamental practice that is beyond all words, which is simply the inner and outer practice of turning to Me. That is the Way.

Such right relationship to the Realizer is the universal Teaching. It is the ancient (and pre-historical) Walk-About Teaching-and it is the fundamental Teaching I have Given. My fundamental Teaching is the devotional turning (and the inner and outer disciplining) of all four primary psycho-physical faculties-and, thus, the whole bodily “self”-forgetting (and, as such, ego-transcending) turning of body, emotion, mind, and breath to Me.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Excerpts from “The Ancient Walk-About Way”

The Aletheon

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