You Must First Be Drawn Out of the Dead-End of Experience 

ADI DA SAMRAJ: When your life is in chaos; you look to God for salvation. This is appropriate. Then, however, having been established in relationship to the Divine, having been saved, you must submit your ordinary life, all your efforts and the pattern of your relations, to Grace. But you must first be drawn out of chaos or hell or karma or the dead end of experience for its own sake, and awakened to the Divine Principle.

It is the unique function of the Purusha to save the souls, the “jivas,” the un-Enlightened beings. Yet, through ecstasy, through mindless surrender to God, un-Enlightened beings may also Realize God, even as the Spiritual Master has done. The Divine Consciousness is Realizable ultimately by all beings.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Excerpted from Bodily Location of Happiness

© 2010 ASA

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