Ascending Yoga Has Nothing To Do With Enlightenment

ADI DA SAMRAJ: There are all kinds of potentials in Adidam in terms of experience, because of the karmic structuring of beings. But overall, stated most simply, once there is the foundation of most fundamental self-understanding, or true hearing, right preparation, Adidam is enduring the crashing down of My Grace, the overwhelming Intrusion of My Divine Blessing. 

That Grace is Who I Am. 
That Blessing is what I Do, 
to the point of the death of the ego.

You read books about Spiritual life, the exoteric and the esoteric ones, and you think Spiritual life has something to do with the Kundalini. It does not. What is conventionally called “Kundalini Yoga” is a search by manipulation of the body-mind, of experiences, but experiences are not the Truth. 

What you know about the Kundalini process, 
which is traditionally what is esoterically declared 
to be the structure of Spiritual life, 
is a lot of book-nonsense bereft of Enlightenment.

Although ascending experiences are possible in Adidam, and even generally occur to one degree or another, most fundamentally My Liberating Spiritual Baptism occurs in the frontal line, to the toes. 
Adidam has nothing to do with what is traditionally regarded to be the Kundalini Yoga, nothing whatsoever. It is totally unnecessary. The Kundalini, or ascending yoga, is part of the conventional search. It is ego-based. It is evolutionary only. It has nothing to do with the Great Enlightenment process, which is a Spiritual process of a totally other kind.

Shaktipat means “the descent of the Divine Force”. 
It does not mean the ascent of It. 
The pursuit of the ascent of energy is a search, 
The whole purpose of Spiritual “conductivity” is purification from egoic bondage so that the living being is free to enter into the Divine Self-Domain. 
The ascending search is founded in conditional Nature. It is the manipulation of the nervous system and mostly of the natural energies of the body-mind—it is not even My great Spiritual Baptism. 
It is the manipulation of energy, via the nervous system, to blank out conditional experience. It is a search for God. The Liberating process is based on the Divine Blessing, Communion with God, not the search for God. Therefore, the true and ultimate process is reception of the Divine in descent.

The Spiritual course in My Company 
does not begin at the base of the spine. 
It begins above the head. 

I have told you all endlessly—I have told you from the very beginning—when you come into My Company I look above your heads. I look you in the eyes. I bring My Force down. I Am Descending here, Appearing here.
I am not here to support the search. The search would go up to find God. It is one of the means for pursuing the Divine. I am here. I Give you the Divine Blessing, “God with you”. 
The Spiritual course of Adidam, then, has nothing to do with the search. It is a matter of your Communing with Me, responsible for the self-contraction, so that My Descent Appears here Spiritually and may be experienced by you thoroughly, Crashing Down on you.

So when you are Spiritually prepared, 
your first experience of Me is a sensitivity to the feeling 
of My Energy all over your head, 
a pressure in your head. 
The Yoga, then, is about allowing Me to come down so that I Invade you totally—from above the crown, all through the body, to the base of the toes, thoroughly—you practicing ego transcendence as you realized you could do in the listening-hearing process. 
Having come to that point of responsibility, you can allow Me to Descend. You can Commune with Me and feel Me thoroughly. And I come down into the body utterly, purifying the entire vehicle down to the toes, so that the egoic body-mind is no longer an impediment.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


© 2010 ASA

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