Mankind:  Simply Another Primate Species ?
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mankind is now in a state of delusion; that is a characteristic of this time. That is why I call it the “late-time”, or the “dark epoch”. Mankind is possessed by false views, illusions about life, that the purpose of life is some kind of self-directed or collectively directed intention toward fulfillment — utopian, or for the sake of the species, or even going into outer space, or some ultimate fulfillment — or whatever they advertise on TV.
Life, as being purposed toward fulfillment in the gross context of body, the nature domain, the potentials of the cosmic universe — all views that presume living on the basis of motivations, desires, intentions and patterns that are for that purpose are deluded.

Life is not of that nature. 
Mankind is not divine; Reality is Divine. 
Mankind inheres in That — but in and of itself, 
mankind is simply another primate species of animal in the earth world.

There is no ultimate fulfillment to be pursued. In The Knee Of Listening, 33 years ago, I Wrote about this very matter, looking for a new age of men and women, Speaking there specifically in these terms.
It is not this utopian drama of the future and all this perfection of human possibility, or fulfilling the life of egoity, the technological fulfillment, or any other kind of means of fulfillment in the cosmic sphere. That is not it.
Egoity must be transcended. Therefore, bondage to the body-mind is transcended in that process, because egoity is an activity of the body-mind.
The process is a Spiritual one, not merely a philosophical one. It involves the Profound Effort of Grace, Divinely, Avatarically Given, Extended from Me in My Regard of people, by the Work that I do in Spiritual terms.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Spoken to us all on August 16th, 2005

© 2010 ASA

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