The Chakra That Is Above the Worlds

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Amrita Nadi is the point-of-view of this work, but it is not a “point.” It is not a limitation in time, space, or form. The Teaching relative to Amrita Nadi (or Atma Nadi) is a way of symbolically or structurally identifying the specific nature of the illuminated condition of perfect understanding, relative to a life, in a world. 
It is not necessary to enter exclusively into that pure, absolute, undifferentiated Silence in which there are no perceptions in order for there to be Divine intuition. The intuition of the Divine can exist in the midst of perceptions and appearances and forms and psyches and bodies. The Divine is not elsewhere or only deeply within all this. This is the Divine. 
First of all, there comes the perfect intuition of Real-God, the Heart, prior to all qualities. Then there is the return of ordinary things, but without the loss of that perfect intuition. That return is the beginning of real Wisdom, the regenerated life of Amrita Nadi. But Amrita Nadi is not in itself a structure, a thing.
DEVOTEE: In the traditions Krishna is sometimes pictured almost in an S-shaped curve. Is that the same thing as the reflection of Amrita Nadi?
ADI DA SAMRAJ: It is not a deliberate attempt to make a diagram of Amrita Nadi, but it is related to the intuition of it. There is no conscious description in the traditions of the shape of Amrita Nadi. I know of no other place where you will find it described other than in my recorded descriptions of it. But it may have been intuited without being clearly known in the mind or known experientially.
DEVOTEE: Ramana Maharshi never described the shape of it?
ADI DA SAMRAJ: That’s right. He never described it. He described the Heart and the descent into the Heart via Amrita Nadi, but he didn’t have much interest in the regenerated life of the Heart. He was interested in that intuition of Real-God in its exclusive sense. 
He said very little beyond that about the God-life, perhaps because nobody who came to him had realized even the Self-Nature. It was the function of his service to the eternal Dharma always to speak about that falling into the Heart. So, naturally, he gave no descriptions of Amrita Nadi in this regenerated form.
But when there is that fulfillment of the Heart-realization and, thereafter, regeneration into the God-life, there is also a specific psycho-physical sign, which is not consciously described in the traditions, but which is my experience, and so I have accounted for it. It is not a movement out of the physical heart into the sahasrar. 

Even this realization on the right side of the Heart is an intuitive realization, 
not identical to a yogic state. 
It is the intuition of the Self, or the ultimate Reality, 
Real-God, Brahman.  
Just so, when there is the regeneration of the God-Light, with that intuition as its continuous foundation, the upper locus with which one is merged is not itself a physical center, the brain center saturated with life-force, but is itself the very Divine, the Chakra, if you want to call it that, that is above the worlds. 
It is felt relative to the head and is known to be above, relative to the body, but it is not specifically the sahasrar. It is beyond the sahasrar and does not involve a visualization of light any more than Self-realization involves a visualization of anything. 
It is an intuition of the Divine Light, or absolute Conscious-Force, eternally prior to the Cosmos. All things are the reflected modification of the God-Light. And it may not be seen. It may only be intuited. Its manifest reflection may be seen. The gross and subtle conditions of the world may be seen. But the God-Light may not be seen. It is of the Nature of pure Consciousness, but Consciousness as Power, even prior to the Activity which is its reflection.
In the case of the regeneration of Amrita Nadi, a function in consciousness is awakened, but it is not itself a psychic or subtle function. The psycho-physical expression of the path between the two ultimate or intuited centers of Amrita Nadi is that S-shaped curve I have described. It may or may not be felt by any one specific individual, just as not everyone may have the sensation of the Heart on the right. There may be that intuition without the psycho-physical sign.
In my own case there was a specific moment in which this regeneration was shown. It appeared several months after the experience in the Vedanta Temple and the writing of The Knee of Listening. Even though the ultimate implication of all that was realized at the Vedanta Temple included the fullness of this regeneration, there was a development of Siddhi over time. Thus, the peculiar sign of this regeneration was shown only several months later.
Nina, Pat and I used to meditate together most mornings. On this particular day, while we were sitting very quietly, there was a sudden strong movement in me and a loud crack that could be heard in the room. It sounded like my neck had broken. In that instant there was a tracing of the form of Amrita Nadi and a clear demonstration to me of the full, regenerated connection of Amrita Nadi.
Because all of this is certain in me, I have accounted for it, just as Maharshi accounted for the Heart on the right, which I have also confirmed in my own experience. I have accounted for this, for the sake of my devotees, even though it is not written in the traditions. 
Descriptively, it is a new Teaching, and it is there to be proven in the midst of the experience of others. Ramana Maharshi’s assignment of the Heart on the right had never appeared in the traditions before him. It was left to be proven in the case of others. I have confirmed that realization of the Heart on the right in my own experience. 

Just so, I leave it to you to prove the Teaching 
relative to the Regeneration of Amrita Nadi and the S-curve,
which is its apparent psycho-physical sign.

Amrita Nadi is independent of the kundalini system. It may seem to exist relative to it, even though it transcends it utterly, but it is not the same as the spinal tube of kundalini. The kundalini manifestation is fundamentally limited to the subtle inversion and reduction of life and is still a karmic display, less than God, whereas the realization of Amrita Nadi is identical to God-realization. 
One who meditates on the Guru, who lives with attention to the Guru, in God, is already meditating on Amrita Nadi, because such a Guru is identical to Amrita Nadi already and consciously, and the Siddhi of the Divine Person is manifested spontaneously through him.

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