God Is The Liberator

God Is The Liberator,
Not The Creator.
God Is The Way Out,
Not The Way In.
The Way Of God
Is The Way Of Sacrifice,
Not The Way Of
self-Seeking, self-Increase, 
and self-Success.

Therefore, The Way Of The Heart (Adidam) Is The Great Process Of Devotional self-Sacrifice In God. And, By Means Of This Great Process, the Total psycho-physical self Of My Devotee Is Submitted To The Progressive Ordeal Of Divine Self-Realization.
The Way Of The Heart Is The Great Process Of Transcending the objective point of view and the conditionally subjective point of view, By Grace, Through Progressively self-Surrendering, self-Forgetting, and self-Transcending Feeling-Contemplation Of My God-Revealing Bodily Form, My Spiritual Presence, and My Very State, Such That the conditional body-mind and the conditional world Are “Viewed” From The Divine Subject-Position. 
And The Way Of The Heart Necessarily Proceeds By Stages Of Revelation, Corresponding To The First Six Stages Of Life , Until The Realization and The Demonstration Of The Seventh Stage Of Life.
Therefore, The Way That Is The Heart Is The Way That Transcends The Illusions Of “Creator” and “Creation”, By Transcending the ego-“I”. The Heart Itself Was Never “Created”, Nor Is There Ever any “creature” There.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

from “The Dawn Horse Testament


© 2010 ASA

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