Be the Master of Sex Through Love

ADI DA SAMRAJ: If you are lustful, you have thousands of lovers, inevitably, all the ones in your mind, your memory, and your daily association. All the shapes that flash around in your unconscious mind, and all the driven need and easy access to sexual titillation mutilate your relations and your intimacies and cause you to betray them. 
You constantly complain about your lack of sexual fulfillment. You do not necessarily say to your husband or wife, “Id like to be sexually fulfilled!”–but you punish your spouse in all kinds of other ways, in thousands of daily episodes of emotional reactivity, endless betrayals and failures to serve and love simply. You mutilate your spouse out of sexual failure and fornication. 

You are dominated by sex, 
rather than being the master of sex through love.
Lust, you see, is an emotion and an obsession. Therefore, it is like an emotional problem, a form of un-love, like any other kind of “sin”. Lust is an emotional drive that completely absorbs us when we are overcome by it and prevents the heart from radiating the emotion of love. 

Lust is a limit on the heart. 
Thus, you must be free of the emotion that is lust. 

Such freedom is possible only if you surrender to God, live as love, and serve your partner in love, never permitting what is sexual to complicate or undermine the love-relationship. 
In such a disposition, you can fulfill the sexual impulse in that relationship with the frequency and the quality or intensity that is natural to you in love, rather than in lust. Then, you can enter into a simple and true intimacy with one another.

To be free of lust is not to be nonsexual. 
You must discover the difference. 
Sexual love is free. 

It is not binding, not obsessive like lust. Sexual love arises totally within the play of truly intimate relationship, and therefore it cannot arise casually.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

© 2010 ASA

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