The Compulsive Cycle of Lifetimes Is Nonsense

The fulfillment of the process of “return” to Reality (or Love) can occupy one moment or many years. It can be accomplished in one lifetime or in many lifetimes. In the physics of things, this separate personality, this inner “I,” this mind or soul, is made of subtler aspects of the Energy that is manifesting as the total psycho-physical body, and so it continues to exist even after the physical body dies.

Thus, mere physical death is not liberating, 
and it is not the end of the illusory tour 
of the inner or independent and exclusive self. 

The illusions with which we are possessed up to the moment of physical death persist as experience even after death, and we resume our looking-glass tour in the physical realm as soon as we can become associated with another physical body, in another birth, in this or some other world.
The compulsive cycle of deluded lifetimes is nonsense. Our seemingly “fulfilling” experiences arise out of the Chaos of Infinity. We make an orderly universe out of our experience by means of the centralizing principle of self-possession, and thus the unenlightened life seems somehow to make sense. 

If you hold up a finger in a windstorm, 
all the elements seem to be revolving around it. 
But if you withdraw the finger, the universe returns to chaos, 
because there is no center for the whirling.
The transition or Way from ordinary self-consciousness to awakened bodily consciousness (or Enlightenment) is fear. We cannot avoid it. Ultimately, everyone must make that transition back through fear to the original Situation of born existence. 
The Way through fear is not a matter of watching one’s fear, or performing some self-manipulative technique while being afraid. Nor is it merely a matter of being psychotically terrified, of merely being “me” and afraid. 
Rather, ego-death is a matter of actually passing through and beyond the gesture of fear, even beyond all of the gestures that one is equipped to make in order to be free of fear and distracted from fear. 
In short, one must pass through all the distractions of mind and become only the body, with pure attention in the Presence of Life. One must be perfectly converted from fear to Love.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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